Encouraging the Empowerment of Remote Indigenous Community, the Minister of Social Affairs Invites Active Participation from the Business World

Encouraging the Empowerment of Remote Indigenous Community, the Minister of Social Affairs Invites Active Participation from the Business World
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Tutik Inayati
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OHH Dayasos; Tutik Inayati
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Fazalika Salmiati F; Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (February 12, 2020) - Minister of Social Affairs, Juliari P. Batubara encourages the Business World and the government to participate in the long-term Remote Indigenous Community Empowerment (KAT) program. It was conveyed during the Cultural Isolated Community Empowerment Meeting entitled "Together Coming to Build the Country, Caring for Remote Indigenous Communities" at Harris Vertu Hotel, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (11/02).

"The number of KAT recorded is 150,000 heads of families (KK). It requires the government and also the business world, especially programs that are more long-term in nature such as infrastructure, schools, clean water facilities, agricultural infrastructure," said Minister of Social Affairs Ari.

In Presidential Decree No. 186 of 2014, KAT is a group of people in a certain number who are bound by geographic, economic, and / or socio-cultural unity, as well as being poor, remote, and / or socially vulnerable. Meanwhile, KAT social empowerment is intended to develop the independence of KAT residents so they are able to meet their basic needs.

The Minister of Social Affairs said that from year to year, the Ministry of Social Affairs continues to carry out KAT social empowerment programs by providing basic social services in the form of housing development, life insurance assistance, environmental management and strengthening social harmony.

According to him, KAT empowerment activities will have a maximum impact if it is continued with the next social service.

"Likewise, the problems of KAT residents will be resolved by involving other parties, be it the local government, the private sector, social welfare institutions or the world of education," said the Minister of Social Affairs.

The Minister of Social Affairs added that the problems of KAT residents were such as remoteness but also related to poverty, human rights, availability of basic needs, issues of marginalization, inequality, justice, equitable development, education, health, land issues (ulayat), environmental degradation to the problem of difficult outreach. territory.

"Even so, the involvement of the business world in empowerment for KAT residents has actually been carried out by several businesses through corporate social responsibility activities as well as collecting money and goods for social welfare services," continued the Minister of Social Affairs.

Companies such as SKK Migas, PetroChina, Indomaret, Adaro, Sinar mas, and Kaltim Prima Coal are some examples from the business world that have helped empower KAT in the form of clean water facilities and toilets in several KAT locations both from raising community donations and from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

For information, in the practice of involving the Business World in the KAT empowerment program, the distribution of assistance can be done through existing mechanisms in each institution, namely through foundations owned by companies or in collaboration with trusted local social welfare institutions.

Meanwhile, Director General of Social Empowerment Pepen Nazaruddin said the Ministry of Social Affairs had carried out social empowerment for no less than 8,427 KAT residents. Basic services have been provided, but several sectors of the needs of KAT citizens that are beyond the reach of the Ministry of Social, such as environmental facilities, roads, health facilities, education, civil rights and the economy are important notes to be followed up.

"Through this meeting, it is expected to be able for inventory various KAT empowerment activities that can be synergized by the government, private sector, Social Welfare Institutions (LKS), as well as Social Institutions so that we have a KAT social empowerment roadmap for 2020 to 2021," said Pepen.

The Indigenous Community Empowerment Meeting "Coming Together to Build the Country, Caring for Remote Indigenous Communities" was attended by 200 participants from various fields of the business world and social welfare institutions throughout Indonesia.

Also attending the event was Director General of Social Rehabilitation Edi Suharto, Head of BP3S Syahabuddin, Technical Team of the Minister of Restu Hapsari, Bank Himbara, Social Service Agency, CSR Forum, KAT Forum, Social Organizations, Social Welfare Institutions from all over Indonesia, representatives of KAT residents, the business world / companies the private sector that organizes the Free Lottery (UGB) is also a foundation that organizes the Collection of Money / Goods (PUB).

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