Enhance the Social Functions of the Elderly Through Entrepreneurship

Enhance the Social Functions of the Elderly Through Entrepreneurship
Writer :
Humas LRSLU "Minaula" Kendari
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

Being old is not a barrier for someone to remain active in pursuing productive activities such as entrepreneurship (Senior Entrepreneurship). This activity has proven to be of great benefit to the elderly. Entrepreneurship is not just an economic activity to create and increase income but can also be a therapy for the elderly. This entrepreneurship is proven to improve the social functioning of the elderly.

This is based on the results of monitoring and evaluation of 29 elderly recipients of Elderly Family Support (DKLU) of "Minaula" Elderly Social Rehabilitation Workshop (LRSLU) Kendari, located in Muna Regency. The elderly received business capital assistance and accompaniment from LKS LU Orislz al-Dzikra Sowite as a partner. Beneficiaries admit that their income has increased since receiving assistance and accompaniment from LRSLU "Minaula" in Kendari and LKS.

Before getting DKLU, Laode Rusu (70 years old) said that his income was only around Rp100.000 per day from selling the cake which is done by his wife. Thanks to DKLU assistance, the elderly couple has built a kiosk on the side of the road. The goods sold are not only one kind but consist of various kinds, ranging from cakes, packaged rice, fruits, and basic necessities. His income has increased to Rp500.000 per day and his wife no longer sells the cakes by walking.

Grandma Wa Mungkolo also considers entrepreneurial activities as therapy. She feels healthier, happier, more energized, and more valuable by selling. In addition to earning considerable income, she also feels happy because she can stay in touch and be visited by many people. For her, income is not the main thing, but by selling, she feels encouraged and does not feel lonely, compared to just staying at home.

Meanwhile, Syamsuddin, Head of LRSLU "Minaula" Kendari explained that there are several important things to note from the implementation of DKLU in Muna Regency, including the role of assistants is very effective in encouraging family participation and support for the elderly. Apart from that, through this activity, the local government and the community also raised concerns. The most important thing is that DKLU has actually succeeded in improving the social functioning of the elderly, not only by increasing income but also from several aspects.

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