Ensuring Child Care, Ministry of Social Affairs Responds to Cases of Children Living in Uninhabitable Houses in Pandeglang

Ensuring Child Care, Ministry of Social Affairs Responds to Cases of Children Living in Uninhabitable Houses in Pandeglang

PANDEGLANG (April 13, 2021) - Once viral, news of the problem of "Ai" who lives without a guardian in an uninhabitable house has now received a lot of attention from various parties. In the previous news it was explained that "Ai" lived in an uninhabitable house with her nephew without a guardian.


The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Children's Center "Handayani" in Jakarta does not remain silent. Following the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini through the Director General of Social Rehabilitation, Harry Hikmat to respond to social problems, including the case of children. The "Handayani" Children's Center team, consisting of Social Workers, Tirani Larasati and Sri Wahyuni, immediately conducted searches and coordinated with the local Social Service and Social Worker Service Unit (Sakti Peksos).


"Make sure that the care of "Ai" and fulfills her rights. First, coordinate with the Regional Government," said Harry.


Sakti Peksos Pandeglang Regency, Ahmad Subhan, who previously assessed “Ai" residence, stated that this condition was widely reported, starting with the school teacher "Ai" who tried to open a donation to help "Ai".


It is known that "Ai" mother has passed away and her father, "Ja" later remarried and lived in a different house. However, contrary to the viral news, "Ja" regularly visits "Ai" to ensure her basic needs are met. Besides, "Ai" lives in the environment of the mother's extended family. Every day Auntie "Ai", "In" always provides the fulfillment of her daily needs.


"Actually, "Ai" is not neglected by her family. Her "Uwa"(Auntie) always pays attention, even "Ai" often stays at her Uwa's house. Her father regularly visits her, her brother who also works in Jakarta routinely sends money for her needs," explained Ahmad


When met in a different place, the Head of Cimanggu District, Hadi Patoni also said that "Ai" was one of the beneficiaries.


"Ai" was verified to receive renovation assistance because the house was unfit for habitation. It became known later that the house "Ai" is currently being renovated thanks to the assistance of the Provincial Bureau of Social Welfare.


"Ai" is also a combo cardholder, meaning that she gets assistance from the Family Hope Program (PKH) and Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT), "concluded Hadi.

Children’s Center "Handayani" ensures the fulfillment of children's rights. "Ai" who has been living with her nephew, "Af" said that all this time he aunt has been her guardian. Thus, the "Handayani" Children's Center team held discussions with the families of the two children to ensure guardianship and childcare responsibilities.

Witnessed jointly by the Social Worker of Children’s Center "Handayani", representatives from the Social Service Office of Pandeglang Regency and Social Work Service Unit (Sakti Peksos), "Ja" and "In" made a statement of agreement for childcare. Both parties are ready to stay together to guard the growth and development of the two children, but the care is left to "In" because "Ja" and Mrs. "Af" work in other areas.

The “Handayani” Children's Center Team provided Psychosocial Support Services (LDP) to the two children. The two children were given space stacking games, expressing hopes, self-mirrors, and cooperative games through stacked blocks. The goal is to help children assess and explore their potential, help make plans for the child's future, and provide motivation.

Furthermore, based on the results of the assessment, to support the children's learning process, Children’s Center "Handayani" provided vitamins and some school equipment such as writing books, stationery, and school shoes. It is known that teaching and learning activities will soon be carried out directly.

The two children were happy and hoped that they would receive further LDP. Children’s Center "Handayani" will continue to monitor through Sakti Peksos and Social Service of Pandeglang Regency to find out the fulfillment of children's rights, growth and development.

Writer :
Humas Balai Anak Handayani
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

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