Enthusiasm of Beneficiaries Participating in Social Entrepreneurship Training

Enthusiasm of Beneficiaries Participating in Social Entrepreneurship Training
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Humas Sentra Handayani di Jakarta
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (September 20, 2022) - A total of 30 Beneficiaries (PM) from Handayani Center and Mulya Jaya Center in Jakarta participated in the Community Empowerment Training through Social Entrepreneurship which was held at Mulya Jaya Center from 20 to 23 September 2022.


This activity, which is the result of a collaboration between Bandung Center for Social Welfare Education and Training (BBPPKS) with Handayani Center and Mulya Jaya Center, aims to develop beneficiaries' capacity in building their abilities so that they can advance themselves toward a better life.


Present at the opening of the training activity were the Secretary General of MoSA Harry Hikmat, Head of BBPPKS Bandung Toto Restuanto Sembodo, Head of the Handayani Center Romal Sinaga, and Head of Mulya Jaya Center Adrianus Alla.


In his direction, Harry said that this activity must be followed seriously by all participants, "Don't just follow this activity but must practice and continue so that your business can progress," he said. In addition, Harry stated that there must be a synergy between the Center in carrying out activities for the development of beneficiaries, "It must be supported from various parties continuously to the Center's programs", he concluded.


In this activity, Harry had the opportunity to taste various processed foods from beneficiaries such as juice, lupis, and also chicken noodles. In addition, Harry also had a dialogue with Tati Hartati, one of the participants who was a former "silver man" whose eyes were almost blind due to exposure to dyes.


On this occasion, Tati, who had received ATENSI program in grocery store entrepreneurship, said she was happy to be able to take part in entrepreneurship training activities. "This can help me to run a business that has been given by MoSA," added Tati.


This activity was attended by speakers who are experienced in their fields such as Rita, a team of processed instructors as well as the owner of "Amboja Rasa Kedai and Catering", JB. Umbar Solikah the owner of "Ndeso Snacks" is a former beneficiary and Trainer from BBPPKS Bandung.


Participants will receive training materials in the form of building entrepreneurial motivation, introduction to food processing, cleanliness of food processing and the business environment, introduction to labels and business identification numbers, economic empowerment programs, recording and bookkeeping practices as well as food processing/presenting and packaging practices. In addition, all participants will also get attributes and certificates that can support their business in the future.


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