Ministry of Social Affairs Responds to Floods in Semarang City by Coordinating with Social Office

Ministry of Social Affairs Responds to Floods in Semarang City by Coordinating with Social Office

SEMARANG (25 February 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Magelang “Antasena” Children's Center has coordinated with the Semarang City Social Service in the context of handling flood victims that have hit Semarang City since the last few days.


Coordination is carried out in preparation for the implementation of needs assessment and the implementation of Psychosocial Support Services (LDP) if one of the flood-affected communities is forced to evacuate.


"We will conduct a needs assessment and implement LDP especially for children if they are forced to evacuate due to flooding," said Djunaidi, Head of Sub-Division for Administration of the Children's Hall "Antasena" Magelang, representing the Head of the Antasena Hall.


Based on information received from the Head of the Social Rehabilitation Section of the Semarang City Social Service, Soegiarto, the current flood has not caused any casualties or material change because the people have not fled and are still in their respective homes.


Many residents whose floods have receded have already cleaned up and are focused on anticipating steps in case of further flooding.


"Psychosocial recovery services after the floods in early February have been implemented but still, focus on the elderly. We are currently conducting a recapitulation of data on areas and communities affected by flooding throughout the Semarang area and will be further informed through (Social Service Services Unit) Sakti Peksos if there is a schedule for psychosocial assistance and provision of children's needs, "added Soegiarto.


Floods that hit the city of Semarang in the last few days occurred in several districts. It was recorded that 6 sub-districts were hit by the flood, namely West Semarang District, North Semarang District, East Semarang District, Central Semarang Sub-district, Pedurungan District and Gayamsari District.

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