Grace Batubara Visited Suku Anak Dalam in Musi Rawas Utara

  • Grace Batubara Visited Suku Anak Dalam in Musi Rawas Utara
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Writer :
Humas Dayasos
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Humas Dayasos

MUSI RAWAS UTARA (February 28, 2020) - Government through the Ministry of Social Affairs ensures that all citizens have the same rights from the state. Social Minister's wife Grace P. Batubara ensures that the state is stand for all citizens including the Remote Indegenous Community (KAT).

"We are here to ensure that Suku Anak Dalam even though they are far away, but still get the same rights as other Indonesian citizens, even though they are far from the central government, especially various basic social services such as clothing, food and shelter, including education and health, "Grace explained while having dialogue with SAD children.

On this occasion, Grace Batubara visited a mess for Suku Anak Dalam, which facilities are female and male dormitories, dining room, logistics warehouse, hall, and health clinic. To the administrators of Mess, Grace Batubara also advised that always maintain the cleanliness of the mess environment so that children remain healthy and clean.

After reviewing SAD's Mess, Grace Batubara visited SAD settlements that were not yet empowered, namely Bina Karya Village, SP-5. This location is about 1.5 hours drive through transmigration villages and oil palm plantations with bumpy and dusty road conditions.

At the SAD location on SP-5, there are around 44 households living in houses called sudung. The house was built with wooden sticks in unsuitable conditions, where the house is covered with plastic sheeting as the roof and walls, even it is in dirty conditions, patches and even torn.

Grace Batubara went around to see the situation and condition of the settlements, even entered and saw the contents in the home of SAD residents. Grace also has dialogues with children, mothers and family heads. During the dialogue, residents expressed their desire to live permanently, but they do not have any lands to stay.

On the occasion of the visit, while dialoguing and greeting SAD children, Grace Batubara provided assistance to residents in the form of food, cloth, children's snacks and children's toys. Grace also advised the ranks of the Muratara Regional Government that school-age children who occupy these locations must attend school because education is important for the future of SAD children.

Lastly, Grace Batubara continued the trip for an hour to Muara Tiku, there are 43 families of SAD residents who had been empowered by the Ministry of Social Affairs from 2015 to 2017. When Grace arrived at Muara Tiku, she was greeted by residents very warm and enthusiastic. Even though it was late at night and dark, Grace had a dialogue and provided assistance to SAD residents in Muara Tiku.
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