Grandma Karnasih Returns to Her Family

  • Grandma Karnasih Returns to Her Family
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BEKASI (20 January 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Bekasi "Pangudi Luhur" Training Center conducted a reunification of a beneficiary named Karnasih. Her face looked happy and slightly shed tears. Grandma Karnasih met her cousin who came to pick her up at the Training Center.

Together with Subang District Social Service Officers, Grandma Karnasih was reunited with her relatives again. Sri Mulyani, Head of Violence Victims and Trafficking, thanked the Ministry of Social Affairs for finding residents, accommodating and caring for them, she said during the pick-up.

"Pangudi Luhur" Bekasi Training Center coordinates with the Subang Regency Social Office in the process of finding her family. The Subang District Social Office founded her family and succeeded in persuading the family to accept Grandma Karnasih, initially the family refused to accept it because Grandma Karnasih often left home.

Grandma Karnasih from Subang Regency, who is currently 60 years old, is a referral beneficiary from the Jakarta Social Office, who was caught in the raid and accommodated at the Tanah Abang Sports Hall. Picking up trash and begging is Grandma Karnasih's job during in Jakarta. "Thank God, I met my family and I give up, I'm not going to the streets again," said Grandma Karnasih when asked by the officer.

"This activity is in line with the Social Rehabilitation Assistant (ATENSI) program which puts forward programs based on the needs of beneficiaries," said Kokom Komalawati as the Head of "Pangudi Luhur" Bekasi Training Center. While at the Training Center, Grandma Karnasih was provided with basic needs services and based on the results of the Social Worker's assessment, her wish was to reunite with her family.

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Humas Balai "Pangudi Luhur" Bekasi
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Intan Qonita N
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Karlina Irsalyana

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