Handayani Center Discusses the Case of "SN", a Child Without Identity and Victims of Violence

Handayani Center Discusses the Case of "SN",  a Child Without Identity and Victims of Violence
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Tim Humas Sentra Handayani di Jakarta
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (August 31, 2022) – The Ministry of Social Affairs through Handayani Center Jakarta held a meeting to discuss the case of "SN", a child who came from Johor Bahru Malaysia without an identity document and was a victim of physical violence from her biological father. Activities are carried out offline and online in Handayani Center meeting room.


The discussion meeting was held to help facilitate "SN" so that she could return to her family and be cared for by her biological mother and also help to resolve the problem of her identity document.


"SN" is the daughter of IP, a female Indonesian Migrant Worker (TKI) from the Riau Islands and her father ER is a Malaysian citizen who has no identity, SN often experiences violence from her biological father. "SN" was stocked by her father because she often did misbehavior such as taking and messing with people's belongings at her residence in the Muar area of ​​Malaysia. Helped by Mrs. IP, "SN" managed to escape from the stocks and escape to her local neighbors.


"SN" received treatment at Muar Hospital to receive treatment for wound healing due to abuse and mental recovery, based on the decision of the Muar Court, (13/06/2022) "SN" was handed over to the Indonesian government for her welfare and future. After going through a long process, the Indonesian Consulate General in Johor returned to Indonesia on 13/07/2022 and handed it over to the MoSA through Handayani Center in Jakarta.


The Head of Handayani Center "Romal Sinaga" instructed Handayani Center Social Worker to help identify and coordinate with various parties and search through social media.


The hard work of the Social Workers and the team finally paid off, the biological mother of "SN" and the other "SN" families successfully identified, "SN" who had been receiving care for two months at Handayani Center Safe House was able to meet her biological mother and her family, even if only through video calls.


While at Handayani Center Safe House, "SN" was given care and fulfillment of basic and health needs. "SN" also participates in learning at SLB-E (Special School - for children who experience obstacles so that children are less able to adapt, both to the family environment or the surrounding community). Currently "SN" has recovered psychologically and has behaved well and misses seeing her family very much.


All parties are ready to help "SN" return to her biological mother or her family in Seram, the Eastern Part of Maluku. Rina Komaria representing the Directorate of PWNI at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that she would help to complete the identity documents for the biological mother "SN" and her children. The Indonesian Consulate General in Johor, represented by Dolly, is ready to help resolve the case of the biological mother "SN" to the Muar Johor Bahru Regional Government Office, Malaysia.

"This is a very good form of communication and cooperation from all stakeholders so that "SN" can be known to her family and the repatriation process can be pursued, hopefully, "SN" can return and get good care from her family", she said closing the meeting discussing the "SN" case. "

The activities carried out offline and online was attended by representatives of the Director of Child Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Social Affairs Hasrifah Musa, the Indonesian Consulate General (Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia) Johor Bahru Dolly Prima, the Directorate of PWNI (Indonesian Citizens Protection) Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rina Komaria, the Maluku Provincial Social Office, Bary and the Social Office of East Seram Regency, M. Ali Salampessy, Social Workers, and Psychologists.

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