Handover of Entrepreneurship ATENSI Aid for Elderly in Penggilingan

Handover of Entrepreneurship ATENSI Aid for Elderly in Penggilingan
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Humas Sentra "Handayani" di Jakarta
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (November 2, 2022) - Following the directions of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini and the results of the case response that has been carried out, Handayani Center Team Jakarta distributed ATENSI aid to Nani Rotiah (75) and Ropiah (72) in Penggilingan sub-district, East Jakarta.


Nani Rotiah (75) is an elderly woman who has been left behind because her husband died and she has four sons. Nani Rotiah's health condition is not good, she has heart disease and a thyroid tumor. This was exacerbated by the termination of the elderly card she had. To meet her daily needs, Nani Rotiah receives help from the surrounding environment because her child is only a parker who was affected by the pandemic where her child originally worked at a company.


Meanwhile, Ropiah (72) is elderly with a stroke (hands and feet) who has experienced it for 2.5 years and does not have an elderly card. Like Nani Rotiah, Ropiah's husband has also died and has 4 children. However, Penggilingan Village Health Center routinely visits Ropiah to have her stroke checked.


The Head of Handayani Center Romal Sinaga immediately gave directions to the team to distribute ATENSI entrepreneurial assistance to Nani Rotiah in the form of convenience store and basic food businesses with a nominal value of IDR 3.790.000,-.


The handover of this assistance was attended by the East Jakarta Social Sub-Department, the Head of the Sub-District Implementation Unit, the Secretary for Penggilingan Sub District Head, the East Jakarta City PKH Coordinator, the Social Facilitator, RT/RW (Neighborhood/Hamlet) Head, and other social pillars.


In addition to assisting, Handayani team also provides motivation and education related to family economic resilience through independent entrepreneurs, so that in the future the business that they undertake can meet their needs and survival.
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