Harvesting Eggplants Produced by Beneficiaries of Galih Pakuan Center

Harvesting Eggplants Produced by Beneficiaries of Galih Pakuan Center
Writer :
Tim Humas Sentra Galih Pakuan Bogor
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BOGOR (August 31, 2022) — Vocational agriculture is one of the services at Galih Pakuan Center, Bogor. There were various agricultural products offered there such as eggplant, chili, kale, sweet potato, cassava, and other agricultural products. The beneficiaries today are harvesting one of their products, namely eggplant.


Together with the Head of Galih Pakuan Center, the beneficiaries flocked to the agricultural area to pick eggplant. A total of 50 kg of eggplant have been picked at this harvest. "Thank God, after about 1 month, we were able to harvest eggplant today, the results are also satisfying for me," said Edo, one of the beneficiaries.


The harvest this time received a very positive response, as evidenced by the large number of buyers who bought up this eggplant production. The production from vocational agriculture is then managed by ATENSI Creation Center (SKA) Galih Pakuan. It didn't take long, the eggplant was sold out.


A positive response also came from the Head of Galih Pakuan Center, Siti Sari Rumayanti. "I am very proud of the creations of the beneficiaries through vocational agriculture, today we are harvesting eggplant, I see there are a lot of them, and this can be a provision for them, both in terms of skills and their level of confidence in starting the business," said Sari when encountered when harvesting eggplant together with the beneficiaries.


The results of this agricultural vocational will continue to be improved and always synergize with ATENSI Creation Center (SKA) Galih Pakuan in managing its business.
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