In 2022, Abiseka Center Pekanbaru Distributes IDR 4.5 Billion ATENSI Aid

  • In 2022, Abiseka Center Pekanbaru Distributes IDR 4.5 Billion ATENSI Aid
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OHH Rehsos
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Intan Qonita N
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Karlina Irsalyana

PEKANBARU (November 2, 2022) - Abiseka Center Pekanbaru Riau realized the distribution of Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) worth IDR 4.5 billion to Beneficiaries (PM) in their working areas. This is a mandate to help vulnerable groups to be able to function socially and normally in living their daily lives.


"We are carrying out the directives of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini to immediately complete the distribution of ATENSI assistance in Abiseka Center work area," said Abiseka Center Head Agus Hasyim Ibrahim in Pekanbaru (2/11).


According to the results, the target for ATENSI to be distributed by Abiseka Center in 2022 is 1,987 beneficiaries worth more than IDR 4.5 billion, which will be provided in the form of goods and other ATENSI components of the assessment.


"Before the assistance was given, the team conducted a comprehensive ATENSI assessment. To find out the needs of potential beneficiaries with the aim of ATENSI that we distributed exactly according to the needs," continued Agus.


Based on data from Abiseka Center, ATENSI Beneficiaries in Abiseka Center work area are spread across 13 regencies with each cluster targeting 1,083 elderly, 278 persons with disabilities, 368 Children, 216 Drugs Abuse Victims and Persons Living with HIV/AIDS, and 42 vulnerable groups.


Assistance was distributed in the form of proper living support to meet daily needs in the form of nutrition for elderly, children, disabled, and vulnerable groups, personal hygiene tools, to support children's education, and distributed school supplies, groceries, and educational game tools.


Accessibility assistance for persons with disabilities and the elderly in the form of prosthetic legs, prosthetic arms, standard wheelchairs, child wheelchairs, 3in1 wheelchairs, 4in1 wheelchairs, CP wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, blind canes, 1 leg canes, 3 leg canes, canes 4 feet, decubitus mattress, hearing aid, glasses, stroller, and adaptive cane.


Additionally, entrepreneurship packages and 3-wheeled motorbikes were distributed to improve the beneficiaries' standard of living.


The assistance distribution was done directly by visiting the beneficiary's house or at the nearest location by inviting beneficiaries.


"Today, we from Abiseka Sentra Pekanbaru carried out the distribution of ATENSI assistance to 20 elderly and 10 people living with HIV in Bengkalis Regency, Mandau Duri District, and the implementation was carried out at the Bengkalis Regency Social Office," said the Associate Level Social Worker of Abiseka Center Pekanbaru, Lisdawati in Bengkalis Regency (2/11).

Ruslan Anwar (63), a beneficiary from Bengkalis Regency, said that he received eyeglass assistance and entrepreneurship assistance. "I got help with groceries to add to the contents of the grocery shop at home," he said with a cheerful face.

Ruslan also shared that during the assessment he asked for glasses because the glasses he had could no longer be used.

"Yesterday I asked for glasses because if I don't wear glasses, from 15 meters away I can't see the person clearly, so I asked for glasses. The glasses from BPJS can't be used anymore, he's blurred (vision). Thank God, it's clear, bright already wearing glasses," said Ruslan smiling.

Ruslan also hopes that the assistance received can be used to develop his business. "I thank you very much for all the help, maybe I can use it, hopefully, it will develop," he concluded.

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