Is Speech Therapy Needed in Social Services?

Is Speech Therapy Needed in Social Services?
Writer :
Nusation Anwar
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Early Febriana
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Intan Qonita N

The concept of social services within the framework of social welfare programs as outlined in various existing regulations cannot be separated from at least three main domains, namely Social Empowerment, Social Rehabilitation and Social Protection and Security. The target estuary is also confirmed to be directed at individuals, families, communities or marginalized groups (residuals). Among servants, actors, movers, social work activists in Indonesia, the target of implementing social welfare is included in the category of Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS) or other terms with Social Welfare Problems (PMKS).

People with problems or needing services certainly are in relation with the fulfillment of basic social rights that they deserve according to their capacities and needs. One of the social problems that may need special attention is the need for social services for children with special needs. The aspect of social services in the treatment and justice for children with special needs should not only be seen from the aspect of education and health, but also directed to commitment and responsibility towards fulfilling their basic social needs. This includes social rehabilitation services for their families, especially the poor ones as they almost certainly do not have the best choice for their children except to accept the situation as it is. Moreover, many poor families in Indonesia geographically live on the coast, small islands, and villages that are inaccessible to such services.

On the other hand, awareness to detect the growth and development of early childhood does not only occur in underprivileged families, but also among people who are well off and have a high social status. You can imagine how complicated the social problems faced by poor families as their nutritions are also still a major problem for them, especially coupled with the condition of children with special needs, It is indeed very sad. Then, no one who cares about this other than the agency in charge of social services.

Due to the increasing demand for social services for children with special needs, especially in areas that do not yet have or have but are very minimal and limited in terms of infrastructure, regional policies, budgets, to human resources, this fact certainly strengthens the importance of understanding education, motivation and information to them about the need for early detection of children with special needs. One of them is the need to involve speech therapists in providing massive and institutional debriefing and counseling.

Collaboration in the implementation of functions between social services and health services as well as education seems a must so that it is expected to be able to break the chain or at least there are prevention and handling efforts according to standards to stop new problems for poor families in order to provide knowledge, insight, and also guidance in dealing with children with disabilities. children with special needs. The presence of Autism Service Centers, Special Schools, Disability Foundations, Paid Therapy Rooms at Hospitals, health clinics that are located in the city have not been able to reach wider services, only limited to the nearest area and even that services are limited even though some are paid. What about the poor people living in remote areas…..!?

Slow speech or slow learning is part of intellectual disability that must be a serious concern, especially those dealing with social rehabilitation both inside and outside the orphanage. The authority to handle both internal and external service approaches should not be debated too vulgarly, which will only add to the suffering of marginalized people. In the frenzied area, the discussion about boundaries is still used as an obstacle and a barrier in providing real social services, as well as being faced with other policies. Regarding service infrastructure, it is still careless and 'disabled', as well as supporting human resources. This condition has implications for the neglect of constitutional rights fulfillment that have been mandated. The range of poverty can be perfectly inherited by poor families to their children, so you can imagine the bitterness of life that will be accepted and experienced in the future.

At the end of this article, certainly we do not hope that the extension of poverty will overshadow the next generation, so we must abolish ignorance because that is the beginning of all disaster source. It's better to live poor but not stupid, than stupid but live poor. Therefore, all of this can be avoided as early as possible by guarding the generation (poor families) from birth to the age of growth and development by providing maximum education and services about the importance of speech therapy for children who are slow to learn or slow to speak in a proactive and free manner through government institutions/ massive local government. Embed it in social service programs by expanding information and education through the development of partnerships and networks in order to maximize the outreach of its services.

Let's end their dark story, let's educate them with a generation that is strong, healthy and has a high spirit of life so that they have the ability to break down helplessness into a hope that awaits there.

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