Kapha Yoga For Peace of Mind and Body

Kapha Yoga For Peace of Mind and Body
Writer :
Humas BRSAMPK "Alyatama" Jambi
Editor :
Putri D
Translator :
Yusa Maliki; Karlina Irsalyana

JAMBI (November 4, 2019) - A total of 11 Social Welfare Services Recipients (PPKS) Social Rehabilitation Center for Children who need Special Protection (BRSAMPK) “Alyatama” in Jambi participated in a yoga class as a form of Mental Spiritual Therapy at Hall.

Providing therapy to PPKS is one of the duties of the center as a follow-up service in the social rehabilitation process. The relaxation found in yoga serves to calm the body, mind and train breathing.

Hopefully through this therapy PPKS can learn to control their emotions and thoughts so that they can act better according to their age.

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