Karang Taruna Cibinong Still Productive Even in Pandemic Period

  • Karang Taruna Cibinong Still Productive Even in Pandemic Period
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BOGOR (November 7th, 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs as a functional and technical supervisor for Youth Organization always encourages them to remain productive and work during COVID-19 pandemic. One of them is Karang Taruna, Cibinong District, Bogor Regency.

Director of PSPKKM Serimika BR Karo visited the Karang Taruna Command Post, Cibinong District on Saturday (7/11). During his visit, Serimika appreciated the community empowerment carried out by the Youth Organization. Community empowerment is carried out through agriculture and fisheries.

Serimika looking around the ponds of catfish, koi, vineyards, mustard greens, pumpkins and other plants. Not only the success of using the land, Karang Taruna Cibinong is able to empower the community in terms of food security. Because of this success, Ministry of Social Affairs appreciates this by providing assistance which worth Rp. 49,600,000, - which comes from domestic grants. This grant fund comes from UGB by the business world, which operating license is granted by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In this case, the business world indirectly helps empower the community.

"We are providing assistance to develop what Karang Taruna has done here. Support for grant assistance of Rp. 49,600,000. This must produce results and make reports on its use. We must remain enthusiastic so that it can be useful for ourselves and for others," said Mika.

The head of Cibinong Youth Organization, Deni Suhendar, thanked her for the assistance given. The assistance will be used for the development of activities carried out by Karang Taruna Cibinong.

Karang Taruna Cibinong has catfish fisheries in buckets (ledamber), and cultivates catfish and tilapia in 50 biofloc. In agriculture, they are actively growing various fruits and vegetables such as chilies, tomatoes, eggplant, pokchoy, kale, cassava, water guava, longan, avocado, and others. There is also a butternut squash or pumpkin shaped like a pea with a very delicious and sweet taste, which is placed over the catfish nursery pond.

Their orchard is currently dominated by 4,200 superior quality avocado seeds. They themselves seed from seed and do the grafting to produce a thick, even seedless avocado with a delicious taste. Some of the seeds they produce are sold, and some are distributed to the community to be cultivated in their homes.

Also attending the activity were the Head of Sub-Directorate of TKSK and Youth Organization, Head of OHH Section of the Directorate General of Social Empowerment, TKSK Cibinong and Citeureup, as well as representatives from sub-district youth organizations to units in the Cibinong area. The implementation of the event continues to apply the COVID-19 health protocol.

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