MoSA Establishes Collaboration and Synergy to Successfully Implement the Social Rehabilitation Program

MoSA Establishes Collaboration and Synergy to Successfully Implement the Social Rehabilitation Program
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Humas Ditjen Rehabilitasi Sosial
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Laili Hariroh
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Dian Catur/Karlina Irsalyana

Surabaya (January 14th, 2024) – Ministry of Social Affairs doesn’t work singlehandedly in running a social rehabilitation program. The ministry establishes collaboration and synergy with society elements, one of them being the Social Welfare Coaching Council (MPKS) of PP Muhammadiyah.

From the collaboration which has been established, various programs of Ministry of Social Affairs discussed are considered to be successful with various significant achievements so that people can feel the presence of the state government.

“There are five centers in Central Java whose companions are ready for case responses, including observing Ministry of Social Affairs’ programs,” Secretary of Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation Salahuddin Yahya said at the meeting with MPKS in Mas Mansyur Hall, Muhammadiyah Regional Leader (PVM) in Surabaya, on Saturday (January 13th).

Ministry of Social Affairs’ program covers social rehabilitation, social empowerment, and social security. In the scope of social rehabilitation, the essence of Ministry of Social Affairs’ duty covers recovery and development process of persons suffering from social dysfunction so that they will be able to do their social function reasonably.

“There are five clusters in Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation, which are Children (15 clusters), Single and Poor Elders, Persons with Disabilities (4 Cluster), persons with HIV/AIDS (ODHA), Narcotics, Psychotropics, and other Addictive Substances,” he said.

For children, there is a program for fatherless, motherless, and orphans (YAPI) which has been distributed before and continues to be distributed in 2024. Pandemic Covid-19 had an impact on social problems. Thus, YAPI has become one of the government’s solutions.

“Minister of Social Affairs instructed us to prioritize YAPI intervention through Children Social Welfare Institution (LKSA) so that the administration can be done collectively and MPKS could take a role in succeeding the program through orphanages spread throughout the nation,” Salahuddin said.

For social service including children, there is a similarity in the spirit of building Muhammadiyah. However, there is a difference. If the government already has budget, yet the society does not have potential, the condition becomes the strength to gain budget in various society’s potential.

“From the two conditions, MPKS can help the government, such as in handling YAPI through social institutions. Therefore, the benefit of government’s programs can be experienced by all elements of society,” Salahuddin said.

A good program done by the Minister in Surabaya is brought to the national level. The program is even discussed by National Development Planning Board (Bappenas) and Directorate General of Budget (DJA). Further, if the program is adopted by 540 regencies/cities, it will accelerate the handling of Persons in Need of Social Welfare Services (PPKS).

“Adopting a good program is a must in terms of social affairs. It helps motherless, fatherless, orphans (YAPI) and others can be connected to the centers. Thus, the success of the program will be experienced by the beneficiaries,” he said.

Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) becomes another solution to social problems in the Directorate General of Social Rehabilitation. Apart from food assistance for elderly living alone and persons with disabilities, regular and non-regular YAPI.

“Social rehabilitation is a process of re-functionalization and development to make one capable of doing his/her social function reasonably in social life,” Salahuddin concluded. 

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