LRSLU "Minaula" Organizes Guidance and Counseling Education

  • LRSLU "Minaula" Organizes Guidance and Counseling Education
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Humas LRSLU "Minaula" Kendari
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Intan Qonita N

SOUTHEAST SULAWESI (September 14, 2019) - Officers from the Kendari Minaula Social Rehabilitation Workshop (LRSLU) held a Guidance for Consolidation (Bimtap) and Education for Assistant Social Welfare Institution (LKS-LU) in the Elderly Family Support Program (DKLU) in four different places simultaneously .

The Head of the LRSLU "Minaula" Kendari, Syamsuddin hopes that through this activity LKS-LU Assistance has basic knowledge and skills in assisting elderly Social Assistance recipients of the DKLU Program.

"We also hope that LKS-LU's Companions will be able to increase their commitment and enthusiasm to devote themselves to caring for and accompanying this elderly as a vocation," Syamsuddin said.

The purpose of the Bimtap and Education activities is to provide training to selected assistants related to the mechanism of assistance to the elderly and an explanation of their duties, responsibilities, and obligations.

In addition, to provide understanding and skills regarding productive business development related to marketing, entrepreneurship, and therapies suitable for the elderly. The facilitators were given four materials and training on the DKLU Program, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Management, Social Care, and Therapy.
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