Lying for Four Years, Finally Rakipah Gets Hospital Bed

Lying for Four Years, Finally Rakipah Gets Hospital Bed
Writer :
Biro Humas
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BONDOWOSO (September 4, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Mahatmiya Bali Center responded to a public complaint about an elderly caring for a paralyzed woman in Bondowoso Regency, East Java Province. The case emerged from the online media with the headline "The Story of a Paralyzed Woman in Bondowoso, Escaped the Government's Attention".


After searching with Bondowoso District Social Office, Mahatmiya Bali Center Case Response Team found that Rakipah (32) was being cared for by the elderly Nusiha (72) who was none other than her biological mother.


From the results of the assessment carried out, the Case Response Team found that Rakipa and her mother were registered with DTKS and received PKH and BPNT assistance. In addition, she and her mother also have BPJS PBI cards. This annulled the media's gift which stated that the government did not pay attention to them.


Rakipa has been unable to see since she was born. Currently, she is paralyzed, unable to move, and only in bed, which is because she fell in the river four years ago. At first, she had pain in her legs, and was difficult to walk, but over time, because she was not checked, she became paralyzed.


"I used to fall in the river, I was massaged only once and never again. When I walked my feet hurt, so I preferred to lie down," said Rakpiah.


The mother who has taken care of her child can only surrender. At her young age, there wasn't much she could do to help Rakipa walk.


"I'm not strong enough to carry her," said Nusiha.


Rakipa is the 6th child of 9 siblings. Some of her relatives lived in the neighborhood and others migrated off the island. She lives alone with her mother at home and is taken care of by her mother every day.


To help the process of moving her body, Mahatmiya Bali Center facilitates a hospital bed to make it easier to train her stiff body. Not only that, logistical assistance in the form of mattresses, adult clothing, blankets, ready-to-eat side dishes and food, and kitchen utensils.


Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) for a decent living was also distributed in the form of additional necessities such as cooking oil, biscuits, personal hygiene equipment, personal care equipment, powder, hand&body lotion, eucalyptus oil, and detergent.


As for the house renovation, Bondowoso District Social Office has collaborated with the local Settlement Service for the construction of toilets and house renovations through a proposal from Pujer Village, Maesan District.

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