"Melati" BRSPDSRW Response to PT. Omron Employees Case

  • "Melati" BRSPDSRW Response to PT. Omron Employees Case
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Writer :
Humas BRSKPN "Melati" Jakarta
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

BEKASI (October 11th, 2019) - Social Workers of “Melati” Social Rehabilitation Center for People with Deaf and Speech Disabilities (BRSPDSRW) Jakarta carried out a case response to alumni of beneficiary "Melati" BRSPDSRW who worked at PT. Omron Manufacturing of Indonesia (Omron). In the report, so far Omron has committed to carry out the mandate of Law No. 8 of 2016 about Persons with Disabilities, by employing 1% of people with disabilities from the total employees.

The response of the case this time began with a complaint from PT. Omron HRD because two employees with hearing impairment were absent from work for two days. The impact that occured is a decrease in the number of production companies.

Bambang Sulistiyono, Social Worker and Jhody Bourqie, Practices of Bandung Social Welfare Polytechnic were assigned to discuss this issue with Hesty, HRD Manager of PT. Omron in Bekasi. Based on the results of the discussion, it was found that the two Persons with Disabilities apparently did not yet know the system or company rules as a whole. This happened because of communication barriers between HRD of PT. Omron with persons with disabilities.

The rehabilitation center gave suggestion and information to PT. Omron related to effective communication with persons with disabilities. Furthermore, to the two employees, the officer implements the Emotive Rational Therapy method. This method aims to get the intended employees to think rationally about the mistakes they have made and what consequences they will get if they have a work violation.

Beside that, both employees also received Antecedent Event Therapy related to facts, events and behavior. And the last is Emotional Consequence, related to the consequences obtained from an action. Both employees have understood and promised that they will obet the company regulations, especially in terms of permits.

The response of this case was a good first step for the "Melati" BRSPDSRW Jakarta and PT. Omron to carry out continued cooperation, especially related to employee recruitment. This is important because there are still many people with hearing impaired sensory disabilities who are not yet working.

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