Members of Commission VIII DPR RI Buy Rembaka Distro Products at "Satria" Resident Center

Members of Commission VIII DPR RI Buy Rembaka Distro Products at "Satria" Resident Center

BATURRADEN (11 April 2021) - Still in a series of working visits to the "Satria" Baturraden Resident Center, Commission VIII of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) inaugurated the Rembaka Distro managed by the former Beneficiary (PM) of Baturraden "Satria" Resident Center.


Located next to the Baturraden Drug Information and Education Center (PIE) or which will later be developed into an Attention Creation Center, Rembaka Distro is here to sell various PM creativities such as t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, PM craft shoes from Mojokerto, and will add various products other.


The inauguration ceremony of the Rembaka Distro began with cutting the ribbon by the Deputy Chairman of Commission VIII DPR RI, Diah Pitaloka who was accompanied by the Head of the Resident Center "Satria" Baturraden, Hendra Permana and also the former PM who manages the Rembaka Distro.


After cutting the ribbon, the Rembaka Distro was immediately attacked by the group present. They seem enthusiastic about the product being sold. The group that was present also bought up all the shirts on the display.


The name Rembaka was born from Javanese philosophy, derived from the word "Ngremboko" which means developing together. The hope is that it can inspire and encourage drug abuse victims who are undergoing the process or maintain their recovery to stay enthusiastic and develop into a better person.


Deputy Chair of Commission VIII DPR RI, Diah Pitaloka who led this working visit gave her appreciation for the products produced by PM and provided support related to vocational development. "Creativity is good. The product and quality are also good. This product can compete in the market. The hope is that it can become a Banyumas icon like the Joger brand in Bali or Dagadu in Jogja. We will help with barista and screen printing equipment so that production capacity can increase," said Diah.


This is in line with the spirit of the Minister of Social Affairs regarding economic empowerment, especially for vulnerable groups. Apart from empowerment, this is a support and part of the long process of rehabilitation of victims of drug abuse.


The head of the Baturraden Resident Center "Satria", Hendra Permana, said that the working visit of the Commission VIII DPR RI is an effort to create harmony between the DPR and the Ministry of Social Affairs to overcome social problems, one of which is victims of drug abuse.

"Thank you to the members of Commission VIII DPR RI who have visited and inaugurated the Rembaka Distro so that they know the real process of our service. The Social Rehabilitation Assistance Program conducted by the Satria Baturraden Resident Center, one of which encourages the former victims of drug abuse to be empowered. Rembaka Distro aims to make former drug abuse victims practice running a productive economic business, "said Hendra.

"AS", the former PM who manages the Rembaka Distro, expressed his gratitude for the trust given to him. "I am happy sir/ma'am. Yesterday I just commemorated two years of being able to stop using drugs. That was a promise to myself. And now I have positive activities like this. Thank you again," said AS.

Together with that, the existence of the Baturraden Drug Information and Education Center (PIE) is a consultation place which is located adjacent to the Rembaka Distro, has become a breakthrough and has changed the frightening paradigm for consultation related to drug abuse.

This is an effort to deal with the drug problem not only partially but also involves various elements, including the community. The goal is for the public to be more aware of the drug problems that occur around them.

Writer :
Humas Balai Residen Satria Baturraden
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

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