“Minaula” Elderly Social Rehabilitation Workshop (LRSLU) Conducts Module Trial of BANTU-LU

  • “Minaula” Elderly Social Rehabilitation Workshop (LRSLU) Conducts Module Trial of BANTU-LU
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Writer :
Humas LRSLU "Minaula" Kendari
Editor :
Annisa YH
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

CENTRAL BUTON (October 15th, 2019) - In order to make the Elderly Social Rehabilitation Program (PROGRES-LU) 5.0 New Platform (NP) success, the Ministry of Social Affairs through the "Minaula" Kendari Social Rehabilitation Workshop (LRSLU) Kendari conducted a module trial in collaboration with La Dundu Care Elderly Social Welfare Institution (LKS-LU) and the Ali Bin Abi Thalib Foundation in Central Buton Regency for four days, October 12-15 2019.

This activity aims to implement PROGRES-LU 5.0 NP materials such as family support, social care, and therapy that have been provided to the mentor while following the technical guidance that has been organized by the "Minaula" LRSLU Kendari. This activity is one of the stages of the Capacity Building Program for Officers and Facilitator of BANTU-LU. The stages begin with the preparation of the draft / module, technical guidance, testing and finalization.

In this activity, the assistants from both LKS-LU practiced directly the various materials obtained at the time of technical guidance for the elderly that were sampled, including the implementation of Family Support, Social Care, and Therapy.

In the practice of Family Support, the facilitators provides emotional support in the form of family therapy and family meetings. In addition, the facilitators also gave respect support and groups in the form of family gatherings. Whereas in the implementation of Social Care and Therapeutic Material Trials, facilitators practice physical therapy in this case Range of Motion Therapy (RoM) and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) Therapy for the elderly. Not only that, the facilitators also practices social care in the form of personal care (personal hygiene, nails and hair).

In this activity, also attended by the Head of Lantongau Village, Central Mawasangka District, Anwaludin who saw directly the LKS-LU facilitators in practicing the material to the elderly. The majority of these facilitators are local children in Lantongau village.

"In the future there will be cooperation between La Dundu Care LKS-LU and Village Government related to the development of elderly social welfare, it might be implemented with the existence of village-level regulations on many things (accessibility to available services) which certainly give benefit to the elderly in any way, "he said.

"All types of Elderly Social Rehabilitation Programs do need guidance so that the handling that we do is in accordance with what should be and with the guidance of all forms of social services uniformity will be formed and we are greatly helped by the existence of this guide," said Mashudin as a head of the La Dundu Care LKS- LU.

The same thing was also conveyed by one of the Ali Bin Abi Talib Foundation's assistants, Hartono. "There are many benefits from this activity, not only for the LKS-LU facilitators, but also for the elderly and families. We are very grateful, hopefully in the future such capacity building activities will continue," he concluded. (DI & US)
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