Minister of Social Affairs Inaugurate Show Window KAT in Jambi

Minister of Social Affairs Inaugurate Show Window KAT in Jambi

SAROLANGUN (October 14th, 2019) - Minister of Social Affairs Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita visited Remote Indigenous Community (KAT) settlement that located in Gurun Tuo Village, Mandiangin District, Sarolangun Regency, Jambi Province in order to inaugurate the KAT Empowerment location in the Gurun Tuo. This show window is a pilot program of KAT empowerment from the Ministry of Social Affairs to improve the economic level of KAT residents and to encourage the development of their attitudes, behaviours, and values ​​but still utilizing and maintaining the values ​​of local wisdom.

"The Ministry of Social Affairs cannot work alone, we also need support and follow-up from other parties, both from local governments, social welfare institutions, the business world, education and the general public. Let us synergize with each other in maintaining the sustainability of KAT empowerment program and increase it so that it gives more optimal impact on KAT social welfare," said the Minister.

The Minister reminded us that in Nawacita, Joko Widodo had emphasized that we need to develop Indonesia from the edge by strengthening regions and villages. We can do it by improving and strengthening human resources, social and cultural, economic and the environment of KAT citizens which is in line with government policy that emphasize on human resource development.

At the inauguration of the KAT Show Window, General Director of Social Empowerment Pepen Nazaruddin said that the Ministry of Social Affairs also handed over KAT facilities and infrastructure assistance from the Petrochina International Jabung Ltd CSR Program under the coordination of SKK Migas, which was 2018-2019 for Rp. 1,233.981,000, - which is a community development assistance program. Besides, there were also 156 basic food packages that worth Rp.47,580,000.00 from Undian Gratis Berhadiah (UGB) or Free Lottery Grants. The Ministry of Social Affairs hopes that this program can be continued in the future. 

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Budy Gunawan
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