Ministry of Social Affairs and Forkor R2 Distributes Social Assistan

  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Forkor R2 Distributes Social Assistan
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BEKASI (May 22, 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs continues to work with various elements of the community in responding the difficult situation caused by by COVID-19.

Directorate General of Social Empowerment together with RT / RW Coordination Forum of Margamulya Urban Village distributed 200 packages of basic food assistance worth Rp. 150,000 / package that comes from domestic grants.

In accordance with the direction of Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto, so that every implementation of the distribution of the social assistance have to involve District Social Welfare Workers (TKSK) and other social pillars according to their region.

It is expected that with the involvement of TKSK, it can help the process of the distribution run smoothly and right on the target.

The receiver of basic food assistance are citizens who affected economically by COVID-19 and have never received social assistance either from the central or regional governments.

The daily work of residents around RT 03 / RW 09, Margamulya Sub-district, North Bekasi are laborers, street traders, scavengers, and poor people.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they had difficulty in looking for their primary needs because they are no longer to work regularly and have to stay at home longer.

Hamzah, Head of the Margamulya Village RT / RW Coordination Forum, expressed his gratitude for the support of the Ministry of Social Affairs in helping residents who are experiencing economic difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We will truly distribute the assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs to residents who really need it," Hamzah said.

Gratitude to the Minister of Social Affairs was conveyed by beneficiaries.

"I am very grateful because this assistance is very useful for me," said Sabeni, one of the recipients who had a stroke and have experiencing difficulties in doing his daily activities.

"With this assistance, it is very useful for me, thanks to the Minister of Social Affairs for helping and providing this food to me," said Sadiah, who has a husband as scavenger.

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