Ministry of Social Affairs Collaborates with Economic Heroes to Train SKA Teams to Compile Simple Business Plans

  • Ministry of Social Affairs Collaborates with Economic Heroes to Train SKA Teams to Compile Simple Business Plans
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JAKARTA (28 March 2021) – The Ministry of Social Affairs together with the Economic Heroes once again provided online training to participants who attended Zoom Meeting and Live Facebook, especially the ATENSI Creation Center Team (SKA) of the Ministry of Social Affairs 'Centers, in terms of training 'Making Simple Business Plan'.

The Special Advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs, Luhur Budijarso and Don Rozano as the Steering Committee at Economic Heroes of Surabaya, and Doddi Madya Judianto, Financial Expert as the presenters of the webinar.

"In this session, we will learn together how simple business planning is, which we can apply to run our business for at least one year or so," said Kisworo AP as the Host of the Economic Heroes Webinar.

Don Rozano explained about planning a business in a simple way using canvassing, but it is more grounded so that the participants can understand and practice it. "The important thing is that if we listen to something, we practice it, because if we just watch and then listen, we won't necessarily be able to use it," he said.

“In a pandemic condition, long-distance business planning is even more important because it is necessary to plan a business based on our beliefs,” he explained.

"Change is a certainty, it cannot be controlled by us. It is something that makes this world more attractive, but we must remember that we must take advantage of these changes so that we can survive," said Don Rozano.

Luhur Budijarso, one of the steering committees at Economic Heroes who had the opportunity to present the material at this session also explained the purpose of using canvassing for business planning. "This is to answer or accommodate several complaints, usually, people start making products wrongly where they are not making products needed by the market," he said.

“According to Luhur, the right business planning is by using the canvas method. The nine blocks in this canvas talk about things that need to be planned and detailed, even though we know that there are dynamics and changes,” he explained further.

"Document and planning is not the important thing, but the process is more critical," said Luhur. He explained three ways to divide consumers into three segments, namely Geographic, Demographic, and Psychographic.

"The Minister always encourages “Let's sell it to the high SES (Social Economic Status) people, sell it to the upper-middle market" because they have purchasing power and can provide better positive margins for us," explained Luhur.

In the explanation of the material, the Economic Heroes panelists mentioned hydroponic plants. The hydroponics market is special because it has several totally different characteristics, many people think that hydroponic plants are certainly fresher because they can be picked quickly and directly to the market.

"Hydroponics is farming in urban areas so it can be claimed to be fresher, but actually the market is not only geographically but also a lot more about lifestyle, not from the product itself but how to grow crops that are considered more environmentally friendly. That's what we have to tell when we are promoting," said Luhur.

"The formulation of this target segment really needs to connect with customer relationships and finally connect what value proposition we want to convey," explained Doddi.

At the end of the training session, Luhur said that you don't have to be afraid to do business but on the contrary, you have to be more confident.

"Whatever product we produce, we know this is really needed by the market, by the consumers. That’s the key. If we really understand our consumers, the value proposition will be born automatically, the product will emerge by itself," explained Luhur.

Through the training in compiling a simple business plan, it is hoped that the material presented can be applied by the Centers of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, especially the beneficiaries, so that they can protect, maintain, and increase economic capacity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This webinar was attended by the Head of Centers, employees, and beneficiaries of the Social Rehabilitation Centers belonging to the Ministry of Social Affairs who are already running businesses or who are preparing to open businesses at the ATENSI Creative Center.

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