Ministry of Social Affairs Conducts "Social Worker Goes To School" Anticipating Child Violence in Lombok

Ministry of Social Affairs Conducts "Social Worker Goes To School" Anticipating Child Violence in Lombok

MATARAM (12 April 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through the "Paramita" Children's Center in Mataram in collaboration with the Mataram City Social Service conducted outreach to Mataram Madrasah Ibtidayah Negeri (MIN) 1 (Red-Islamic Junior High School) students regarding child protection and preventive measures of pornography.


This outreach activity includes the delivery of materials given by the Social Worker of the "Paramita" Children's Center, Radityo Bimo. At the beginning of the delivery of the material, Bimo gave games to children by combining movements and songs. The children followed the directions given by the speaker with enthusiasm and joy.


Bimo conveyed three types of communication to humans, namely Aggressive, Passive, and Assertive Communications. Assertiveness is the communication ability to be able to convey the opinions and desires of children without hurting others' feelings or physically. Assertive communication needs to be done to protect children so that violence does not occur against them. This explanation of assertive communication is also done by associating these types of communication with animal figures that are much easier for children to understand.


Den Ardani, Counselor Officer of the "Paramita" Children's Center in Mataram conveyed material on pornography, "Children are prohibited from accessing adult content in their daily life, if any of your friends do this, the younger siblings are obliged to report to the teacher or the parents of your friends."


Den added that the manifestation of this assertiveness is by prohibiting other people from holding our bodies such as the chest, stomach, genitals, or kissing the cheeks. "These things are important to do as a preventive effort to overcome the social problems of children who are still moving in numbers from day to day," he added.


The head of Madrasah, Marzuki said that this activity is important for children. "We would like to thank the ladies and gentlemen of the Mataram City Social Service and the "Paramita" Mataram Children's Center at MIN 1 Mataram. The willingness of Mr and Mrs in today's activities can provide important knowledge and information for our children, "he said.


Then Husnurridho, Head of the Children and Elderly Section of the Mataram City Social Service, also confirmed the importance of this dissemination. "This is important regarding steps that can be taken by children to avoid themselves and protect themselves from violence committed by others."


As is well known, violence against children can occur not only in public places but also in places that have never been predicted before.

Writer :
Humas Balai Anak "Paramita" Mataran
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

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