Ministry of Social Affairs Distributes ATENSI Aid in Purwakarta

Ministry of Social Affairs Distributes ATENSI Aid in Purwakarta
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Humas Sentra Terpadu "Pangudi Luhur" di Bekasi
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

PURWAKARTA (November 5, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Pangudi Luhur Integrated Center Bekasi distributed ATENSI aid to LKS Pertuni, LKS HWDI, and 12 sub-districts in Purwakarta Regency. This assistance was distributed to 88 Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS) for elderly, disabilities and children. The assistance provided was in the form of 55 packages of basic needs and nutrition, tools for accessibility with details; 9 standard wheelchairs, one 3-in-1 wheelchair, 3 cerebral palsy wheelchairs, 4 walkers, and 1 prosthetic leg.


In addition, another assistance was in the form of entrepreneurial assistance with various types of businesses, which consisted of giving 6 people a cold drink selling a business, 5 massage businesses, 2 rice selling businesses, 1 cilok business, 1 person hair cutting business, music playing business, 1 person selling pulses, 1 typing service business, 1 online clothing business, 1 person selling pastries and cakes, 4 snacks and juice businesses, and 2 seblak businesses, with total assistance of IDR 144,402,786.


Aid distribution was carried out directly at each location, assisted by Purwakarta District Social Office, TKSK, and social volunteers. The ATENSI aid provided has gone through the results of an integrated assessment carried out by Pangudi Luhur Integrated Center team, Purwakarta Regency Social Office, TKSK, and LKS companions.

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