Ministry of Social Affairs Evacuated "SL" Person with Mental Disability from Stocks for 20 Years

  • Ministry of Social Affairs Evacuated "SL" Person with Mental Disability from Stocks for 20 Years
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SUKABUMI (12 July 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through Phala Martha Center of Sukabumi evacuated "SL", a Cianjur resident who was suspected of having mental disorders to receive medical treatment at the Marzoeki Mahdi Mental Hospital in Bogor on 10/7/2021. This is a follow-up to the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini, that the Social Rehabilitation Centers must immediately respond to information about social problems that occur in the community.


Head of Phala Martha Sukabumi, Cup Santo when he received information from the public regarding the deprivation of ODGJ (Persons with Mental Disabilities), a moment later assigned an emergency response team consisting of social workers and social counselors to coordinate and collaborate with LKS Rumah Pulih Jiwa to move quickly to the LP house in Selakopi Village, Pamoyanan District, Cianjur Regency.


SL (37 years old) was locked in a small room that was dirty and littered with garbage in very poor condition. Asep Suryana as the Head of RT said that SL was confined in his room for approximately 20 years. "SL is locked up because she often leaves the house. "ES" (SL's mother), who is elderly, has a hard time monitoring SL," said Asep.


"ES's economic condition is also classified as poor. ES was originally a laundry worker, but ES's age factor is no longer able to work. For her daily needs, she and SL depend on gifts from neighbors," he added.


Phala Martha Social Worker, Kusman said that Phala Martha Center was here to evacuate one of the person with a mental disorder with the initials SL to get medical treatment at the Bogor Mental Hospital. "Furthermore, after medical treatment, SL needs to be continued with social rehabilitation services to restore SL's social functioning," he added.


"Phala Martha Center will provide ATENSI services by synergizing with LKS Rumah Recover Jiwa in handling SL after medical treatment," he concluded.

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