Ministry of Social Affairs Hopes to Reduce Society's Burden with Basic Food Assistance

  • Ministry of Social Affairs Hopes to Reduce Society's Burden with Basic Food Assistance
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BEKASI (May 22, 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs has never stopped trying to ease the burden on the community in the difficult times of pandemic COVID-19.

Directorate General of Social Empowerment Ministry of Social Affairs supported Social Workers Association (IPSM) in handling COVID-19. IPSM distributed basic food social assistance in 12 sub-districts of Bekasi City. There are 250 packages worth Rp 200,000,-/package which comes from Domestic Grants Fund.

PSM collected data in 12 sub-districts of Bekasi City, looking for residents affected by COVID-19 who had not received social assistance yet, either from central or regional government. The purpose of collecting the data is to provide basic food assistance which can reach more people in need and it can be distributed evenly. Most people who live in this area works as scavengers and housewives.

In the process of the distribution of basic food social assistance, Ministry of Social Affairs always involves social pillars such as PSM, so that it will not make crowds and the corona virus will not spread more widely. At the same time, PSM also ensuring that the basic food aid distributed from the government can be received by the residents right on the target.

One of the receivers told that if the COVID-19 pandemic still around, many people may find difficult to make a living and meet their needs. They were very grateful and stated that the basic food aid they received was very useful. They are also grateful because the government, Ministry of Social Affairs are continuously trying to help citizens especially for those who are experiencing difficulties in this pandemic.

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