Ministry of Social Affairs Implements Response to Karawang Flood Disaster Case

  • Ministry of Social Affairs Implements Response to Karawang Flood Disaster Case
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KARAWANG (11 February 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Ciungwanara Bogor Disability Center deployed a Quick Response Team (TRC) consisting of two social workers and occupational therapists in the Flood Disaster Case Response in Karawang Regency, West Java Province.


The team first coordinated with the Karawang Regency Social Service through Abdul Aziz as the Head of the Karawang Regency Social Service. He explained that the floods that occurred on Monday (7/2) hit 7,879 households with a total of 24,769 people. Abdul Aziz also expressed his gratitude for the Assistance for Social Rehabilitation (ATENSI) given to flood victims in Karawang Regency.


"We express our gratitude to the Ministry of Social Affairs through the UPT Balai Ciungwanara Bogor. This center is the only UPT (technical implementation unit) within the Ministry of Social Affairs that has been involved in providing Assistance to Karawang residents," said Abdul.


In the delivery of assistance as many as 50 packages of assistance to fulfill basic needs in Batujaya District, Karawang Regency, the Ciungwanara Disability Center TRC was accompanied by the Head of the Social Rehabilitation Division of the Social Service of Karawang District, Diah Palupi as well as the Head of Batujaya District and the Head of Segaran Village.


Apart from providing Assistance, TRC also provides Psychosocial Support Services (LDP) to families affected by floods. One of the residents affected by the flood who is also a person with a disability is a woman with the initials "S" (34 years). The flood disaster left her grieving.


She said that the flood had worsened conditions in the midst of this pandemic.


"Sadly there were floods like yesterday, it's been difficult to sell due to the situation, plus floods like this," said Mrs. S gently.


The Social Worker then provides motivational support so that Mrs. S can return to live her life as before with enthusiasm and confidence that there will be lessons from each trial.

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Humas Balai Ciungwanara Bogor
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David Myoga
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