Ministry of Social Affairs Invites DNIKS in Distributing Social Assistance

  • Ministry of Social Affairs Invites DNIKS in Distributing Social Assistance
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Writer :
OHH Dayasos
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David Myoga
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OHH Dayasos

JAKARTA (May 11, 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs invites one of its partners to deal with the impact of COVID-19. Together with Indonesian National Council for Social Welfare (DNIKS), Ministry of Social Affairs distributed 250 food packages worth Rp. 200,000 / package for residents affected by COVID-19.

In this case, the Head of DNIKS, Tantyo Adji Sudharmono, is strongly supports the government's policy to ease the burden of the community during COVID-19 pandemic. The food packages will be distributed through DNIKS nets, such as Social Welfare Coordination Agency (LKKS) or Social Welfare Coordination Institute (BKKS) which is located all over Indonesia.

Without forgetting COVID-19 Health protocol, the distribution of social assistance is carried out by implementing social distancing in which beneficiaries only need to wait at home to get social assistance.

In this case, DNIKS also involved the DNIKS management network and Social Organizations which included Sayap Ibu Foundation, Santi Rama, Asih Budi, SOIna, PPUA, YKAI, PORTURIN, YPAB, YPAC, HWDI, LLI. These DNIKS management self-helpers also carry out other actions such as planting crops with a fast harvest period, and even encourage the community to empower the surrounding natural resources.

Monday (11/05), the Ministry of Social Affairs also distributed palm fruit to DNIKS in order to support activities for free takjil to the community around DNIKS office which was held during the month of Ramadan until one week before Eid.

Not only that, DNIKS also manages community fundraising activities through Bantudong Nusantara Foundation ( which is used as a forum for community activities to participate in helping and sharing with others.

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