MoSA Distributes Social Service Assistance to PPKS with Disabilities in Wonosobo Regency

  • MoSA Distributes Social Service Assistance to PPKS with Disabilities in Wonosobo Regency
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Writer :
Humas BBPPKS Yogyakarta
Editor :
Laili Hariroh
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

WONOSOBO (25 August 2023) - Ministry of Social Affairs, through Yogyakarta Center for Social Welfare Education and Training, distributed social service assistance to 114 Social Welfare Services for Persons in Need (PPKS) with disabilities in Wonosobo Regency.


 Head of BBPPKS Yogyakarta, Eva Rahmi Kasim, said that the distribution of social service assistance is an implementation of Minister of Social Affairs Decree Number 221/HUK/2022 on the function of training centers, apart from carrying out training, they also carry out social rehabilitation services for PPKS, one of whom is persons with disabilities.  This assistance aims to meet the needs of a decent life and to restore the social functioning of PPKS.


 The type of assistance provided was in the form of 114 basic food packages, nutrition, and personal hygiene kits as well as 7 aid and 3 stimulant devices.  The total value of the assistance disbursed was IDR 213 million originating from social service programs.


 "We are also trying to distribute social assistance, it doesn't end here.  If there are still needs that are needed, we will coordinate with the relevant agencies here,” Eva explained.


 "We also ask the Wonosobo Regency Community and Village Empowerment Social Service (PMD) to assist with data collection so that we can map the condition of the community and its needs for further treatment.  "Apart from that, we also provide continuous assistance and monitoring to the recipients of social welfare services who are accompanied," she continued.


 Secretary of the Wonosobo Regency PMD Social Service Asmoro expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Social Affairs through BBPPKS Yogyakarta for its attention in reaching out and assisting PPKS in the Wonosobo Regency work area.


 "We hope that the recipients of this social service assistance can improve social functioning, become a meaningful input for the survival of the beneficiaries, and be able to lead the beneficiaries to be more empowered, independent, and prosperous socially and economically," said Asmoro.


 The aid distribution activity was also attended by members of Commission VIII DPR RI KH Muslich Zainal Arifin.  On this occasion, KH Muslich said that Commission VIII DPR RI, which is a working partner of the Ministry of Social Affairs, continues to make efforts so that vulnerable community groups such as persons with disabilities receive better services.


 Commission VIII DPR RI appreciates the efforts of the Ministry of Social Affairs which immediately reached out to residents in areas that have not been served due to limited access and obstacles experienced.  KH Muslich in his speech ensured and reminded that the assistance provided was truly beneficial for the beneficiaries, the majority of whom had disabilities.  He further said that he would continue to make efforts to improve the Ministry of Social programs in dealing with vulnerable and poor communities.

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