MoSA Intensifies PENA Workshop in Malang to Empower Beneficiaries

MoSA Intensifies PENA Workshop in Malang to Empower Beneficiaries
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Laili Hariroh
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Laili Hariroh
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Dian Catur/Karlina Irsalyana

Malang (January 14th, 2024) – To establish the well-being of social assistance beneficiaries, Ministry of Social Affairs continues to encourage local entrepreneurship development. In Malang, Ministry of Social Affairs holds Nusantara Economic Heroes (PENA) workshop in PENA Coaching Clinic on Sunday (January 14th).

Having the theme of Empowerment Reinforcement Training of beneficiaries who have graduated from PENA program and Empowerment Reinforcement Training PENA Social Workers, the event not only awakens the entrepreneurial spirit but also provides the businesspeople with various skills.

Through training classes such as handicrafts, cooking, financial coaching, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) research, digital marketing, and business branding consultation, PENA beneficiaries and their social companions are invited to explore their potential. Hopefully, they can improve their family finance, be financially independent, open new job opportunities, and stimulate regional economic growth.

“We will continue to open the door for the beneficiaries determined to build a better life. Hopefully, there will be more beneficiaries who graduate,” Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini said on PENA’s birthday in Kaza Mall in Surabaya sometime ago.

Menik Wulandari (38), a beneficiary who has graduated from Non-Cash Food Assistance Program, is one of the beneficiaries with increasing income and she finally feels confident enough to stop receiving social assistance. “My husband has agreed. Better to give than to receive,” Menik said.

Menik has been registered as a Non-Cash Food Assistance Program beneficiary since 2017 and decided to graduate after her husband’s wielding workshop business grows. Menik receives net shopping money worth IDR 2 million monthly from her husband.

For Menik and her family's business continuation, Ministry of Social Affairs gives entrepreneurship assistance in the form of tools for wielding business. “We got tools for the wielding workshop from PENA. Complete. Everything’s new. Thank you, God,” Menik explained.

Ministry of Social Affairs together with Tata Rupa Nusantara and Surabaya Hotel School as the workshop facilitator actively supports businesspeople by giving training, access to resources, and facilities supporting the beneficiaries’ business.

“It was good. Especially the marketing one. That was amazing, that was the most important” Menik said while being interviewed after attending the workshop class.

The enthusiasm portrays a collaborative spirit between Ministry of Social Affairs, partners, and beneficiaries in creating a prosperous society. This workshop also creates an environment to motivate beneficiaries of productive age to be directly involved in the world of entrepreneurship.

PENA Workshop in Malang is attended by 255 PENA beneficiaries from Malang City, Batu City, and Malang Regency, 90 Family Hope Program Companions, and 41 District Social Welfare Workers.

By continuing to strengthen community entrepreneurship, especially among beneficiaries, the Ministry of Social Affairs is optimistic about creating a better life for the community.

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