MoSA Provides Assistance for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

MoSA Provides Assistance for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse
Writer :
Sentra Handayani
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

JATINEGARA (August 26, 2022) – MoSA through Handayani Center Jakarta followed up on cases of child sexual abuse committed by their biological fathers in Jatinegara, East Jakarta, thanks to information and coordination with the East Jakarta Resort Police at the end of last July. Based on this information, the Head of Handayani Center, Romal Sinaga, immediately asked the social worker to conduct an assessment and a home visit to find out the needs of the victim's child and her mother who lived in a small rented house.


Based on the results of the assessment, it was known that “AP” (14), the second child of two siblings, was currently still in the 6th grade of elementary school. The sexual abuse case that happened to “AP” had been handled by the East Jakarta Police and currently, the perpetrator had been detained. Meanwhile, "AP" was still able to continue her education at school and her psychological recovery was still being handled by the Psychologist Team from the East Jakarta Police PPA Unit.


The family income was not enough to meet their daily needs. Eli Rosalina, the biological mother of “AP” admitted that it was difficult for her to sell around since this case happened to her daughter. Eli usually sells around on foot selling bananas, cheese, or yellow rice to customers. However, since this case happened, Eli was more vigilant and supervises her youngest child “AP” more closely at home so she didn't have time to sell again. Meanwhile, "AP" also still had to do counseling and follow-up examinations either at the Hospital or the Police and it needed fare.


Based on the results of the assessment and home visits that had been carried out by social workers, the Head of the Center ordered the team to provide entrepreneurial capital assistance through ATENSI program. "We will focus on helping the families of the victim's children's economy so that "AP" can continue to study at school and support Mrs. Eli in getting enough income to meet the needs of the family," said Romal.


Handayani Center Team immediately moved to provide entrepreneurial capital assistance to the “AP” family in the form of business carts, cooking utensils, and various other fast food (frozen food) according to the wishes of Mrs. Eli who plans to sell grilled sausages and cheese bananas around. The total entrepreneurship capital assistance provided was IDR 3.976.000,- . The provision of assistance was witnessed directly by the Head of the local RT/RW on Friday (26/8).


The head of RT 04, Saleh, expressed his gratitude for the entrepreneurship assistance provided by MoSA through Handayani Center Jakarta. According to him, Mrs. Eli's family deserved help, especially with cases like this in their environment. Mrs. Eli and “AP” were also grateful that they had received attention from the government for the case that had happened. "I can't repay the kindness from all of you, I will run this business seriously for the family," concluded Eli.
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