MoSA Quick Response to the Elderly in Nusa Penida

MoSA Quick Response to the Elderly in Nusa Penida
Writer :
Humas Sentra Mahatmiya Bali
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

NUSA PENIDA (September 9, 2022) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through "Mahatmiya" Bali Center responded quickly to information on Wayan Gulem (68 years), the elderly whose news had gone viral on Youtube on September 2, 2022. The response to this case was the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini to immediately follow up as needed.


"Coordinate with relevant agencies and complete assessments, ensure that the elderly have their rights, and plan appropriate interventions in ATENSI services," said Sumarno Sri Wibowo, Head of "Mahatmiya" Bali Center when assigning Mahatmiya Team to immediately respond to cases and assess needs towards the elderly in Br Adegan, Ped Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency.


According to the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs and the Head of Mahatmiya Center, on September 9, 2022, the Team then coordinated with Klungkung District Social Office. Accompanied by TKSK Nusa Penida, Mahatmiya Team carried out case responses and assessments of the needs of the elderly directly in the hut where he lived.


Wayan Gulem was an elderly person who lives in a rickety hut in his own heritage garden with an area of ​​​​approximately half a hectare. He had 6 siblings, 4 of whom were not married and lived together in a 4x5 m2 room. But in the end 2 of the unmarried died. And Wayan Gulem's grandfather decided to live in a hut in his garden measuring approximately 1x2 m2. Currently, the condition of the hut was very poor, the roof was made of wooden branches and covered with leaves. Sleeps using twigs arranged and covered with used sacks with his pet chickens. The elderly did not have household furniture such as mattresses, clothes, eating utensils, and cookware and did not have a bathroom. In his daily life, the elderly took care of chickens and looked for feed for 2 cows from the inheritance he raised.


Currently, the elderly had not entered the DTKS. The officers could not record the E-KTP because the elderly always refuse to be invited to Dukcapil (People’s Civil Registry). So they had not been able to get help from the government. Every day he gets food from Ni Nyoman Moning (69 years old) who is his younger brother and still lives in the inheritance house.  Then, Moning data had been input to DTKS and he received PKH assistance.

"I feel enough and grateful for my condition," said the elderly, who when the team arrived, wearing only dirty pants without a shirt. From the results of the examination, the elderly Mahatmiya Center nurse appeared to be in good health, unable to straighten up, and walking with a stoop. The elderly did not have health insurance including BPJS.

By the results of the needs assessment and meetings with related parties, “Mahatmiya” Bali Center handed over ATENSI service in the form of clothing (clothes, pants, sarongs, and slippers), room facilities (mattresses and pillows), nutrition (rice, eggs, cereal, honey). mung bean juice, cooking oil, supplement) and kitchen utensil packages.

The handover of ATENSI service for the "Mahatmiya" Bali Center was accompanied by the Ped Village Head of Service and the Head of Banjar / Adegan hamlet. The head of the Adegan sub-village said: "Tiyang is very grateful for the attention of the Mahatmiya Ministry of Social Affairs for the Tiyang residents who need support".

The improvement of the livable housing will be proposed to the Social Affairs Directorate after the population documents and requirements from the village are completed.

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