MoSA together with Commission VIII of DPR RI Handover ATENSI Aid in Bogor

MoSA together with Commission VIII of DPR RI Handover ATENSI Aid in Bogor
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BOGOR (August 20, 2022) - MoSA together with the Deputy Chair of Commission VIII of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) Diah Pitaloka, along with the ranks and members, handed over the assistance of Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) and Bufferstock for Disaster Management logistics for the people of West Java.


The assistance was covered by the Social Security Agency of MoSA through Inten Soeweno Integrated Center Bogor, in the form of 1,000 food packages with a total of IDR 160,000,000, - and Bufferstock for Disaster Logistics with a total of IDR 160,442,680.


The handover of this assistance coincided with the Working Visit of the Commission VIII DPR RI at Permata Hotel Bogor, West Java, in this case, the Commission VIII DPR RI also held a discussion forum with the Acting Director General of Social Protection and Security and Integrated Center Inten Soeweno Bogor, regarding the technical guidance of PKH HR, capacity building of Social Pillars and Delivery of Social Assistance.


In this discussion, question and answer forum, one of the goals and expectations of Diah Pitaloka is to supervise the distribution of social assistance by MoSA. "As a representative of Bogor City, I hope that I can continue to oversee and facilitate activities in the City of Bogor," said Diah.


The Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) program from Inten Soeweno Integrated Center which was symbolically handed over by the Deputy Chairperson of Commission VIII DPR RI for Persons with Disabilities in the form of disability aids such as 5 standard wheelchairs for 5 PPKS (social welfare service recipients) in the City of Bogor, with a total amount of IDR 14,310,000,-


Wardiyo (63) from Pakuan Sub District, was one of the beneficiaries who received ATENSI program in the form of a wheelchair. He is a disabled person with calcification of the joints since 2017. Previously he had never received any kind of assistance, only a stick, and help from his wife for his daily activities. "This is the first time for me that MoSA assisted me," said Wardiyo.


Wardiyo also said that he was no longer working, and his wife was also only a housewife. The fulfillment of his daily needs only relies on his son who works at Lippo as Sales Promotion Boy.


“I thank MoSA for providing wheelchair assistance for me. Hopefully, in the future I can get other assistance apart from wheelchairs because we only depended on children", Wardiyo hoped.


Also, present on this working visit were Acting Director General of Social Protection and Security, Head of the Integrated Center Inten Soeweno, Head of West Java Provincial Social Office, Head of Bogor City Social Office, Head of Social Security Division, and other invitees.
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