"Naibonat" BRSAMPK Develops Capacity of Assistance Officers

  • "Naibonat" BRSAMPK Develops Capacity of Assistance Officers
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Writer :
Humas BRSAMPK "Naibonat" Kupang
Editor :
Aryokta Ismawan
Translator :
Alika Sandra; Karlina Irsalyana

KUPANG (October 9th, 2019) - "Naibonat” Child Social Rehabilitation Center that Needs Special Protection (BRSAMPK)  Kupang held capacity development for rehabilitation center officers in assisting Children with HIV AIDS (ADHA). The Head of "Naibonat" BRSAMPK Pasfikus Kopong Beda said that the Child Social Rehabilitation Program (PROGRESA) tried to realize the growth and development of children in accordance with what they dreamed of.

"Out of the 15 clusters of Children that Needs Special Protection (AMPK), "Naibonat "BRSAMPK gives greater attention to children with HIV through outside social rehabilitation services for two districts / cities. There are 33 children in total and seven babies with HIV AIDS," he added.

This activity was attended by 31 employees and four Social Workers of Kupang Regency and Kupang City Social Services Agency. Present as a guest speaker the HIV / AIDS victims observing agency, The Flobamora Perduli Jaya Foundation, represented by the Coordinator of Victim Management, Emils P Henuk, and Psychologist at the Nusa Cendana University of Kupang, Dian Lestari Anakaka, M. PSi.

According to Emils P Henuk, many of the assistants and social workers lack knowledge about HIV / AIDS to provide social rehabilitation services. Skills needed to assist ADHA, including communication skills, being an active listener, empathy, self-management, and supportive skills: look, listen, link.

Dian Lestari Anakaka added, "It is not only social welfare that is needed by children with HIV / AIDS but also psychological well-being of children who are accompanied, because they are introvert," he said in handling psychology.

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