Phala Martha Sukabumi Disability Center Prepares Garden Cafe Concept as a Part of ATENSI Creation Center

  • Phala Martha Sukabumi Disability Center Prepares Garden Cafe Concept as a Part of ATENSI Creation Center
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SUKABUMI (12 March 2021) - The place to produce good deeds is the philosophy of the name Phala Martha at the "Phala Martha" Sukabumi Disability Center belonging to the Ministry of Social Affairs.

One of the Disability Centers being prepared for the construction of the ATENSI Creative Center is in accordance with the direction of the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini. This center provides services to persons with mental disabilities such as Persons With Mental Disorders (ODGJ), Schizophrenia, and others, but in the future it will provide multifunctional services, not only for persons with disabilities, but also children, the elderly, victims of drug abuse, persons with social deviance issues, and victims of human trafficking.

This Center has potential beneficiaries in the field of entrepreneurship in making chopsticks, salted eggs, handicrafts from used newspapers, acrylic, used bottles, and wool yarn.

Besides, the expertise of beneficiaries in producing screen printing of bags and t-shirts, graphic design and sewing of mats is a potential that should be considered because it has strong competitiveness in the entrepreneurial field.

Director-General of Social Rehabilitation Harry Hikmat visited the "Phala Martha" Sukabumi Disability Center which has an area of ​​2.7 hectares to review the readiness of the construction of the ATENSI Creative Center.

In this Center, there is a building right on the side of the road that is suitable to be converted into a contemporary cafe with a garden cafe concept.

Harry directed this building to become a cafe containing typical Sukabumi culinary delights, coffee, and various other unique drinks. Not only that, Harry suggested completing the facilities with live music as well as free internet access.

This Center was also asked to prepare a special room to open a showroom containing the work of beneficiaries. It is located close to the culinary center so that visitors can see firsthand the work of the beneficiaries while relaxing at the culinary center.

Harry also directed the center to create workshops as a place for beneficiaries to create their creative works.

The work of beneficiaries is not only from the "Phala Martha" Sukabumi Disability Center, but is also combined with the work of beneficiaries from other centers. For example, the work of Loka Karya Kahuripan Sukabumi beneficiaries can be exhibited in the showroom of the "Phala Martha" Sukabumi Disability Center.

At the time of the review, several rooms were under renovation, one of which was an art therapy room to provide art therapy starting from painting, music, dancing, and others.

Several skills were also presented by the "Phala Martha" Sukabumi Disability Center, including the skills to make salted eggs, chopsticks, rags and the latest is the skill of making pots from used cemented towels.

Harry also asked to revive the makeup and salon skills that were already available at the Center. This could be an economic opportunity for both beneficiaries and former beneficiaries who were recruited to work at the salon.

Some of the products created by the beneficiaries have been marketed through e-commerce. One of the marketplaces is Tokopedia. These products are salted eggs and chopsticks. Marketing through this digital platform has been carried out since 2020.

Harry mentioned that the potential at the "Phala Martha" Sukabumi Disability Center already exists, it only needs a good arrangement and is displayed in the public. Therefore we need a place in the form of a showroom. The "Phala Martha" Sukabumi Disability Center is predicted to be the center for the empowerment of persons with disabilities with various types of disabilities.

"We must support the beneficiaries to actualize their potential. On the other hand, the ATENSI Creation Center can be a place for beneficiaries to get job opportunities," said Harry.

The review was also attended by the Director of Social Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities Eva Rahmi Kasim, Director of Rehabilitation for the Elderly Andi Hanindito, the Head of the "Galih Pakuan" Bogor Resident Center, Ujang Taofik Hidayat and the Head of Loka Karya "Kahuripan" Sukabumi, Dede Khaerufirdaos.

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Humas Ditjen Rehabilitasi Sosial
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