Preparing ATENSI Creative Center, "Mulya Jaya" Training Center Establishes Cooperation with the Communities

  • Preparing ATENSI Creative Center, "Mulya Jaya" Training Center Establishes Cooperation with the Communities
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JAKARTA (March 12, 2021) - Beneficiaries (PM) of Training Center "Mulya Jaya" Jakarta who are former prostitutes, women as the victims of violence and women as the victims of trafficking have attended Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) services. One of the services received is in the form of vocational training and entrepreneurial development specially trained by professional instructors. To increase the level of PM's social welfare, Training Center "Mulya Jaya" continues to strive to develop service innovations to create jobs through the existence of the ATENSI Creative Center (SKA).

SKA is a center for entrepreneurial and vocational development as well as a media for promoting PM's work in one area. With various PM creations such as processed food products, handicrafts, sewing products, and salon skills, they will be marketed through SKA. The SKA location plan will be developed in the upper hall building which will become a public facility and used in various community activities by retired employees of the Ministry of Social Affairs and other communities. To obtain community support, Training Center "Mulya Jaya" invited the Head of RW (Hamlet) and RT (Neighborhood Units) to discuss planning the use of the upper hall building.

The Head of the "Mulya Jaya" Training Center, Ai Herliyah, accompanied by all structural planners, treasurers, and social workers, conveyed the aims and objectives for the formation of the SKA.

"It is planned that soon we will build an ATENSI Creative Center in the upper hall, Sir. This SKA will be a place of learning and entrepreneurship development for our PM. But in connection with the location of our hall which is in the housing complex of the Ministry of Social Affairs, this upper hall is usually used by employees who have retired and the community for activities. For the community, activities to continue, and our program to run, we ask for support and solutions for the good of us together, sir," said Ai.

Chairman of RW 02, Gedong Sub-district, Hani Maskun and Chairman of RT 08, Vera, welcomed this plan. However, they explained that the upper hall was a building that was routinely used by the RW 02 community and became a public facility. Activities carried out include meetings of the RT, RW, posyandu, physical exercises, posbindu for the elderly, and so on. Hani explained that to establish good cooperation between the Center and the community, these facilities would still be provided side by side with the existence of SKA.

"It would be great, ma'am, if there will be an entrepreneurial center here, especially if our location is close to a milk factory, hospital, and other office buildings. I think this will be a good opportunity to increase marketing for the PM in this Center. It's just like this, Ma'am since for a long time, the upper hall building has been used for community activities here. Especially here, most are retirees from the Ministry of Social Affairs who take advantage of this building. If this building is to be fully used and we cannot use it anymore I think it will get big protests from the community. So it is better to manage in such a way that we can use the building together. The Center has SKA, and the community can still carry out activities," explained Hani.

After conducting a meeting with the heads of RW and RT, the Head of the Center and his staff inspected the upper hall building which would be used as the location of the SKA.

"Later this location will be cleaned and repaired first because it has been a long time since maintenance has been carried out. Then we prepare for PM's food, beverage, gallery, I ask all of us to move quickly," said Ai.

The Upper Hall building has facilities in the form of a garden, the meeting hall, a badminton court, toilets, and a warehouse. The location outside the hall area is a strategic location for marketing PM's work. Through the synergy of the Center with the community, the readiness of facilities and infrastructure, it is hoped that it can create an integrated ATENSI Creation Center which will become a place for PMs to learn entrepreneurship and increase the marketing of PM's skills as well as a place for shopping and recreation in an area around Training Center "Mulya Jaya" Jakarta.

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