Presenting Tata Rupa Nusantara, MoSA Encourage Sidoarjo PENA to Increase the Sales Value of the Product

  • Presenting Tata Rupa Nusantara, MoSA Encourage Sidoarjo PENA to Increase the Sales Value of the Product
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Humas Ditjen Rehabilitasi Sosial
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Laili Hariroh
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Dian Catur/Karlina Irsalyana

Sidoarjo (October 29th, 2023) – Minister of Social Affairs continues to encourage the beneficiaries of Nusantara Economic Heroes Program (PENA) to be brave in rebranding their products’ packaging. Apart from being easy on the eye, the rebranding also affects sales value and expands market share. Thus, Ministry of Social Affairs once again presents Tata Rupa Nusantara team on the Roadshow and the Launching of Sidoarjo Nusantara Economic Heroes Program in the hall of Candy District Office, Sidoarjo Regency, East Java on Sunday, October 29th.

Other than packaging design, Tata Rupa Nusantara also teaches online marketing and product photography. Of 15 PENA beneficiaries whose products have been selected to be rebranded freely on Sidoarjo PENA Roadshow, 10 of them have consulted their product with Tata Rupa Team. Some of them manage beverage business, catering, and bag convection.

According to Tata Rupa Product Designer Yensita (26), some of the beneficiaries find it difficult to comprehend logos and design making on the product's packaging.

“There are 10 people who have consulted today, and mostly haven’t understood how to make the logo. There is a woman who sells snacks that already has the market for it. There has been a packaging design that cannot be changed. When we dug further, she had a clothing alteration business. Thus, we encourage her to prioritize the business to be helped,” Yen explains.

Having the same opinion as Yen, Shara (26) Tata Rupa Product Marketing, admits that the beneficiaries still feel worried when encouraged to rebrand their business. However, after the team gave further explanation, they became interested and wished to increase their financial condition.

“There are so many excited people, they just don’t understand what the purpose of all of these is. They also feel concerned about why they should rebrand and have their logo. After we explain, they want to be helped. Moreover, they are mostly women, and they want to be independent to support their family finances. We emphasize that their products are good and we’re here to expand their market, instead of changing it,” Shara said. 

One of PENA Sidoarjo beneficiaries, Sriyani (43), the owner of Ayam Bakar Bu Ani, admits that all this time she has promoted her products by banner or WhatsApp. Her market is only in Krembung District. Thus, she wishes that PENA and Tata Rupa programs will help her expand the market.

“I’ve sold Nasi Kuning (yellow rice) and grilled chicken. Sometimes, receive tumpeng orders. The market area is only within Krembung District, by WhatsApp and banner. The income is not fixed. Hopefully, they can help so that my business will be successful, and many people want to buy. It can be used to help with the family finances because my husband only repairs tires," Ani hoped.

In the future, Tata Rupa Nusantara will continue to communicate intensively with Sidoarjo PENA beneficiaries until they find a suitable logo and packaging design.

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