PT. Solusi Cerdas Sampah Indonesia Visits STPL

PT. Solusi Cerdas Sampah Indonesia Visits STPL
Writer :
Biro Humas
Editor :
David Myoga
Translator :
Karlina Irsalyana

BEKASI (September 1, 2022) - PT. Solusi Cerdas Sampah Indonesia visited Organic Waste Management by cultivating Maggot Pangudi Luhur Integrated Center (STPL) Bekasi of Ministry of Social Affairs and was received directly by the Head of Administration, Bambang Giantara.


This visit is the second visit with a different group on the previous visit to see organic waste processing, apart from composting, but also through the cultivation of BSF (Black Soldier Fly) or black army flies, where the larvae (maggot) can degrade organic waste, because of the ability of this maggot very active in eating organic waste.


This bioconversion process by maggot can degrade waste faster, it does not smell and produces organic compost, and the larvae can be a good source of protein for poultry and fish feed. The second visit with a different group was carried out, because of PT. Smart Waste Solutions Indonesia assesses that the management of organic waste with maggot cultivation at the Pangudi Luhur Tepadu Center has been running and deserves to be imitated.


Head of Administration Bambang Giantara representing the Head of Pangudi Luhur Bekasi Integrated Center said "We are very open to building partnerships for entrepreneurship development and empowerment of PPKS through waste processing activities and good commitment and collaboration are needed so that PPKS has capital independence," said Bambang.


On the same occasion, the Director of Gunung Putri Village-Owned Enterprise of Gunung Putri Bogor, Lastrid Birfa, on behalf of the group, said, "We are very happy and thank you for being accepted to see the activities of organic waste management and maggot cultivation at Pangudi Luhur Integrated Center, and hope that in the future we can synergize. with other activities,” said Lastrid.


The group consisted of representatives from the Village Government, BUMDes, and Mandiri Gunung Putri Garbage Bank (BSI) Gunung Putri District, Gunung Putri District, Bogor Regency totaling 6 people as well as representatives of PT. Solusi Cerdas Sampah Indonesia (solDas).


After visiting the organic waste management area with maggot cultivation, the group was then invited to visit Pangudi Luhur ATENSI Creation Center (SKA) area. Here, the group was served a variety of heavy and light foods that were cooked and served by Social Welfare Services Recipients (PPKS) of Integrated Center Pangudi Luhur.

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