Puan Maharani Distributes MoSA’ Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

Puan Maharani Distributes MoSA’ Assistance for Persons with Disabilities
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Humas Ditjen Rehabilitasi Sosial
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David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

SOUTH LAMPUNG (August 25, 2022) - MoSA through Inten Soeweno Bogor Integrated Center distributed ATENSI program worth IDR 185,254,900 for Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS) located in South Lampung Regency, during the Working Visit of the Chairwoman of the House of Representatives (DPR RI), Dr. (H.C.) Puan Maharani.


The Director General of Social Rehabilitation, Pepen Nazaruddin representing the Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini accompanied Puan Maharani, Chair of DPR RI during a working visit to South Lampung. Puan Maharani ensures that all assistance has been received by the beneficiaries.


"Ladies and gentlemen, you have received all this assistance," said Puan.


The ATENSI program was from the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of the Integrated Center “Inten Soeweno”, namely three-wheeled motorcycles, electric wheelchairs, adaptive wheelchairs, and wheelchairs for persons with disabilities. Triyanto (42) the recipient of the three-wheeled motorbike assistance was very happy because this assistance would make it easier to deliver refilled water orders which can accommodate a large number of gallons.


"Every day my income is only IDR 30,000. Hopefully, with this help, my income will increase even more, because many people order and I immediately deliver to the customer's house," said Triyanto.


Likewise, Komarudin (47) received assistance in a wheelchair because he had a receipt for 2 years. "In everyday life, I only expect help from my wife, both when taking the bathroom, and others," said Komarudin's wife Kusmiati. "I hope that my husband will soon be healthy again and will not become a burden in the family", Kusmiati hoped.


The Regent of South Lampung Regency, Nanang Ermanto, expressed his gratitude to all donors of assistance, in this case, the Ministry. "We thank you very much, a lot of help has been received for South Lampung Regency," he said


Also attending the visit were Deputy Chairman of Commission IX Charles Honoris, Member of Commission VIII, My Esti Wijayati, Echelon I, II Officials of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Regents and staff, Head of the Integrated Center “Inten Soeweno”, Head of Social Protection and Security Division of Lampung Province, and other invitees.
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