Received a Three-Wheeled Motorcycle from MoSA, Solikhan Wants to be Independent Selling Noodles

Received a Three-Wheeled Motorcycle from MoSA, Solikhan Wants to be Independent Selling Noodles
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Humas Sentra "Satria" di Baturraden
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Karlina Irsalyana

BANJARNEGARA (November 3, 2022) - Satria Center Baturraden distributed a 3-wheeled motorbike as a form of Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) to the Social Welfare Service Recipient (PPKS) in Banjarnegara Regency.


The activity that took place at the Social Office for Women's Empowerment and Child Protection of Banjarnegara Regency was the implementation of a multifunctional service center in assisting accessibility and entrepreneurship development which encourages the independence of PPKS.


Solikhan (50), a person with physical disability from Kaliuri Village, Madukara District, Banjarnegara Regency. His right leg became smaller due to a fall when he was a teenager which caused him to have difficulty walking. To meet the needs of his family, every day he makes patchwork mats with the help of his wife, and in the afternoons with his sister, he sells chicken noodles at the shop near the market.


"I got a motorbike from MoSA. I hope it can be used to run my business. God willing, I will be selling chicken noodles. I didn't expect I can get this assistance before. Thank you", said Solikhan.


Lutfi (14), the first son of Solikhan, who accompanied his father, also expressed his joy.


"I'm glad for it (you got motorbike assistance). I like to help you. Wash dishes or buy groceries. I hope you can go around by yourself selling on a motorbike. Hopefully, the sales will increase. So you can buy snacks for me," said Lutfi, smiling innocently.


Darmanto, Head of Satria Center Baturraden said that this year the distribution of 3-wheeled motorbike ATENSI assistance to Banjarnegara Regency would be reallocated.


ATENSI is a program that focuses on integrated and sustainable social services and strengthening an integrated social rehabilitation system. Thus, the integrated assessment carried out by social workers is the basis for the distribution of ATENSI assistance on target.


The Head of Social Office, Noor Tamami, expressing his gratitude for the ATENSI assistance received, also advised PPKS that the aid that has been given can be used maximally.
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