Scravenger and Constructional Workers Cried While Recieving Social Assistance

  • Scravenger and Constructional Workers Cried While Recieving Social Assistance
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JAKARTA (May 11, 2020) - Ministry of Social Affairs continues to deliver social assistance for people affected COVID-19. Today, scavengers can also receive social assistance from the government.

Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto distributed social assistance as many as 30 food packages, hand sanitizers and masks to scavenger families in Rawamangun Scavenger Village, which was affected by COVID-19.

"Besides providing regular social assistance, we also provide an assistance to residents affected by COVID-19 in the form of food packages. Even, this time we also provide hand sanitizers and masks so that they can continue their activities while maintaining their health," said Edi Suharto

The Ministry of Social Affairs continues to distribute social assistance that not only comes from the government but also collaborates with the private sector and licensed foundations / institutions to collect community contributions. As carried out by Indosiar SCTV Charity Care Foundation (YPP) as the foundation that already has permission from the Ministry of Social Affairs to collect the contributions from the collection of funds, and it will be distributed back to people in need.

"I am very happy because this is the first time I can get help from the government, thank you Mr. Jokowi, Mr. Minister of Social Affairs and also the officers who collected our data," said Mrs. Sarila whose husband works as a scavenger.

 "We always try to find anyone who has not received social assistance either from the central government or the regional government of DKI Jakarta during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that this social assistance can reach the lowest level of society," said Edi Suharto while meeting with scavengers.

In the process of distributing food assistance, Ministry of Social Affairs involves social pillars such as District Social Welfare Workers (TKSK) who usually directly interact with the community. In addition, TKSK also collects data on prospective beneficiaries in their work areas in coordination with local officials, local government, and social pillars in the Village / Kelurahan such as Youth Organization and Community Social Workers (PSM).

"We are very grateful to the government for taking care of scavenger families like us. With this assistance, we really feel the government's attention to us," said one family of scavengers.

On the same day, 70 food packages were distributed to construction workers and underprivileged residents residing in RT 05 / RW 04, Pondok Labu Village, Cilandak, South Jakarta. Government social assistance is sought to continue to reach anyone affected by COVID-19 and their distribution is assisted by TKSK CIlandak.

By distributed this various kind of social assistance from the government, it is expected that all levels of society from various informal professions can minimize the economic impact caused by COVID-19.

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