Shabela Regent Supports ATENSI Program in Central Aceh District

  • Shabela Regent Supports ATENSI Program in Central Aceh District
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CENTRAL ACEH (July 3, 2021) - The Ministry of Social Affairs through the Resident Center "Insyaf" in Medan provides Social Rehabilitation Assistance (ATENSI) services to Victims of Drug Abuse in Central Aceh District. This activity was attended by 30 people and will last for five days until July 6, 2021.


The Head of the Resident Center "Insyaf", Sulaiman said that the activity started because of a report from the Central Aceh District Social Service that 30 people had been identified as abusing drugs in Central Aceh and needed the ATENSI Program.


"Based on the Application Letter Number 467-1/463/DINSOS/2021, we have dispatched officers, especially Social Workers and Drug Companions, to conduct assessments and provide therapy to Drug Abuse Victims here," said Sulaiman.


Sulaiman continued, explaining that in an effort to fulfill the rights of victims of drug abuse to obtain ATENSI, after the officers conduct a comprehensive assessment and find out what needs are needed, the team will then decide what services should be provided to the Beneficiaries, whether the ATENSI services are residential-based, family-based or community-based.


One of the causes of criminal, immoral, and conflict in society is drug abuse. The rampant circulation of drugs in various regions in Indonesia has claimed many victims. Where North Sumatra and Aceh are among the most vulnerable areas for drug abuse.


“The number of victims of drug abuse in these two provinces continues to increase every year. Therefore, efforts to save the younger generation must be carried out, such as the activity of forming anti-drug cadres which we will do for the past few days,” said Solomon.


Meanwhile, the Regent of Central Aceh, Shabela Abubakar, shortly before opening the event, in his direction welcomed the efforts made by the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Medan "Insyaf" Center in the context of overcoming drug abuse which is more accessible to targets prone to drug abuse.


According to Shabela, the impact of drugs is very dangerous, one of which is mental, psychological, and serious health problems. Therefore, it is important to take steps to optimize the synergy and collaboration of the Regional Government with elements of the community in order to create a young generation that is far from the influence of drugs.


"So the steps to produce the younger generation to become anti-drug cadres need to be encouraged and their capacity built, so that the number of drug abuse prevention through the community can be realized," explained Shabela.

The Regent of Shabela also emphasized that his party will continue to be at the forefront of fighting drug abuse in the Regency, through various approaches and providing supporting facilities for the prevention of trafficking, eradication, and prosecution, such as facilitating the establishment of the Regency BNN Office and rehabilitation centers for victims of drug abuse.

"We remain committed to supporting every effort to prevent victims of drug abuse," continued Shabela.

"And we also strongly emphasize that the victims of drug abuse must be rehabilitated, not punished (detained), unless the traffickers and their dealers must be severely punished," he strictly explained.

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Humas Balai Insfaf Medan
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