Social Assistance Kemensos Hadir Helps People Affected by COVID-19

  • Social Assistance Kemensos Hadir Helps People Affected by COVID-19
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JAKARTA (June 12, 2020) - The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was felt widely by the community, especially the economic to fulfill daily needs. Farm workers, daily traders, and even layoff workers feel the same. As Ministry of Social Affairs' concern, Ministry of Social Affairs launched a basic food aid named Kemensos Hadir to be given to people affected by COVID-19 who had never received assistance, both from the central government and regional governments.

Ministry of Social Affairs through the Policy and Development Assistance Network (JPKP) distributed  2,000 packages social assistances in Greater Jakarta area. The income of affected residents such as daily traders and farm laborers have been decreased during the pandemic. This certainly has an impact on meeting basic daily needs.

This social assistance is expected to help fulfill the basic needs of affected residents, one of which is in Setu Village, Cipayung District, East Jakarta.

Today, Kasubdit Identification and Needs Analysis Ganjar Basuki along with Kasubdit Referral Termination and evaluation Rossita Tri Harjanti, Kasubdit Empowerment Preparation Luluk Sugianto handed over symbolically the social assistance through JPKP as many as 78 packages of groceries in RT 001 RW 04 Setu Empowerment Village, Sugianto Subdistrict, Cipay, Jakarta East.

"With this assistance, I hope that it can help the people especially those affected by COVID-19. Hopefully this assistance can meet daily needs. And we hope that conditions can return to normal soon," explained Ganjar Basuki.

Herlina Prawirosoekarto, PIC of JPKP Humanitarian, said that she was very grateful to the Ministry of Social Affairs for entrusting JPKP to help distribute 2000 Social Assistance packages to the affected people in the Greater Jakarta area.

"We ensure that the recipient's data are citizens who have never received assistance with data by name by address," he explained.

Inoh Indrajaya, Head of RT 001/04 Setu Village, Cipayung Subdistrict, East Jakarta thanks to the Ministry of Social assistance. The citizens were greatly helped by this assistance.

"RT 001 residents, most of us here works as farm laborers, daily traders and even layoff victims. We  are greatly helped by this assistance," he said.

One beneficiary also thanked the assistance provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Ibu Sina, the mother of two children who lost her vision was very grateful and very happy to get the basic food assistance for the first time.

"Even though there is COVID-19, the government cares to provide assistance, I am a daily housewife and my husband has passed away. I will use this food aid to eat everyday," she said.

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