Social Minister Appreciates Social Pillars Work Through Video Conference

  • Social Minister Appreciates Social Pillars Work Through Video Conference
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Writer :
Humas Dayasos
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Intan Qonita N
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Humas Dayasos

JAKARTA (April 3, 2020) - In the midst of the outbreak of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Juliari P Batubara held a Video Conference with the social pillars and social accompaniment of Remote Indigenous Communities (KAT) related to handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Minister of Social Affairs gave his direct motivation to 15 participants that consists of Social Workers for Society (PSM), District Social Welfare Workers (TKSK), Youth Organization, and Social Welfare Institutions (LKS), and Social Assistance for Remote Indigenous Community (KAT). In this Video Conference, the Minister of Social Affairs expressed his appreciation for all the social pillars as partners of the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs for their hard work and had participated in handling COVID-19.

"These social pillars are very influential in the society; therefore, we greatly appreciate the hard work of all of our friends in helping us to accelerate the handling of COVID-19," explained the Minister of Social Affairs.

Besides, Juliari also reminded the social pillars to always prioritize their health while working by implementing social distancing or maintain a safe distance that approximately 1-2 meters, to always use a mask while doing an activity outside, to always wash hands with soap and water, and not to spray disinfectant directly into the human body because it would be dangerous.

The Video Conference was also welcomed by the social pillars, because the motivation provided could make them more enthusiastic in helping the community to prevent the spread of this dangerous virus.

"Thank you Mr. Minister for the great appreciation that has been given to us, social volunteers, so that it can be a spark of enthusiasm for all of us in carrying out tasks in the field," explained one of the Youth Organization representatives from D.I Yogyakarta.

In the last few weeks, all social pillars have participated in helping the handling of the spread of COVID-19. The social pillars not only educate the public just like giving socialization, but they also drive the economy of the citizens by making local multivitamins which the sales result are used to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as spraying disinfectants in the environment and public facilities. In addition, socialization to prevent the spread of COVID-19 was also carried out by the Indonesian National Council for Social Welfare (DNIKS) as the National Social Welfare Coordination Institution (LKKS).

In addition, there were also representatives from Karang Taruna from North Kalimantan, who were driving the Productive Economic Business (UEP) of organic vegetables, the results of which were given to the medical team that handled COVID-19 in the local area as a form of appreciation for the medical teams against COVID-19.

Director General of Social Empowerment Edi Suharto also reminded the social pillars to always be vigilant and be careful in their duties, and to always obey the protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and focus on socialization or counselling to prevent the spread of the virus, the rest for further action will be taken by those specifically assigned in handling COVID-19 or medical team.

Participating in the video conference, Head of Public Relations Bureau Wiwit Widyansah, Chairperson of the Indonesian National Council for Social Welfare (DNIKS) Tantyo Sudarmono, Secretary of the Directorate General of Social Empowerment Bambang Sugeng, Director of Social Empowerment for Individual, Family, and Public Institution Bambang Mulyadi, who was also add and remind social pillars and KAT local assistants to be able to work together with stakeholders in their respective areas, and get a partner with other social welfare program assistants in promoting COVID-19 prevention.

In addition, the Director of Remote Indigenous Community Empowerment (KAT) Laode Taufik Nuryadin has also said that one of the KAT Social Assistants from North Sulawesi Province, Novita Salim, has reported that the KAT location in Bukide Timur village even though no one has become an OPD, or PDP, they have already put a sticker in front of the house of the resident, which contained an information about prevention, symptoms, and contact numbers for the COVID-19.

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