Social Minister Grants Bicycles at Heroes Goes To School

Social Minister Grants Bicycles at Heroes Goes To School
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Sekretariat Dayasos
Editor :
Putri D
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Yusa Maliki; Karlina Irsalyana

JAKARTA (November 13, 2019) - Minister of Social Affairs Juliari P. Batubara, who was the speaker at the Goes To School activity, invited the current generation to take meaning from the struggles of heroes. By interpreting the struggles of heroes, it is hoped that the younger generation will raise awareness to be willing to implement and instill the spirit and noble values of heroes in everyday life according to their respective abilities and professions. The Minister of Social Affairs also gave gifts of bicycles to students who could answer quiz questions related to Heroes' Day.

Pahlawan Goes To School which is held at the Kalibata Main National Heroes Cemetery (TMPNU) Convention Building is an activity program at the Directorate General of Social Empowerment, Ministry of Social Affairs, which is one of a series of activities to commemorate the 74th Heroes' Day. TMPN is not only a place for the bodies of heroes / fighters are buried, but can also be upgraded to become the object of a pilgrimage study tour.

"I hope that the students who are here will gain additional knowledge and insight into heroism, so that they will further increase their love for the country and can better understand the struggles that have been carried out by heroes and can take the meaning contained therein. the main thing is to be a hero for parents, with respect, don't disappoint your parents, then you all have become today's heroes, "said the Minister of Social Affairs in front of 800 high school students in the Jabodetabek region at the event.

The Minister of Social Affairs also reminded the younger generation that they are a very extraordinary national asset that can make achievements in all fields. Don't give up easily when you meet failure or difficulty, but be sure and be persistent in trying, the Minister of Social Affairs ordered. With the theme "The Heroes of the Present" Be the Heroes of the Present who never give up, the heroes of the present who are proud of the country who can realize the ideals of the country's predecessors within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia.

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