Still a Member of IKAPI, Here are the Terms for Publishing Books at "Abiyoso" BLBI

Still a Member of IKAPI, Here are the Terms for Publishing Books at "Abiyoso" BLBI
Writer :
Iin Saputri
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
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Intan Qonita N

The increasing interest of Persons with Visual Disabilities (PDSN) in the literacy field has been felt in recent years. The high participation of PDSN in various writing activities, both competitions and writing classes, proves that they are able to produce quality written works e.g content on social media, articles in newspapers and magazines (online or offline), to standalone books and anthologies containing ideas, thoughts, imagination, research results, and personal experiences.

Realizing this phenomenon, the "Abiyoso" Indonesian Braille Literacy Center (BLBI) considers it necessary to take a strategic step. As the only institution belonging to the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs that handles literacy for persons with disabilities, "Abiyoso" BLBI is determined to provide the greatest possible support for efforts to develop economic independence for the Social Welfare Services Recipients (PPKS), by providing facilities to PPKS in obtaining a decent life through various means. creations and works. Support that has been given to PPKS e.g business capital, basic needs, accessibility support and facilities in terms of book publishing is also very necessary to be provided.

Books as one of the works that require a very high level of creativity certainly deserve appreciation and publication facilitation. Moreover, until now "Abiyoso" BLBI is still a member of the Indonesian Publishers Association (IKAPI) and has also networked with the National Library (Perpusnas), of course it is easier to optimally facilitate the publication of a book. For this reason, "Abiyoso" BLBI provides the widest opportunity for persons with disabilities who wish to publish books through this institution.

It's very easy. We are not limited by the provisions on paper size, font size, or writing margins, which have often been the biggest obstacle for PDSN when it comes to writing. The most important thing is that it is neat and easy to read by the editorial team. For more detailed information, please read the terms below.

Procedure for Submitting Book Manuscripts to BLBI Abiyoso

1. Manuscripts are typed neatly so that they are easy to read.

2. The length of the manuscript is not less than 40 pages.

3. Include a summary / synopsis that describes the entire content of the manuscript.

4. Summary / synopsis of no more than two pages, place it at the beginning of the manuscript.

5. Include the author's profile, including personal identification (full name, domicile address, and contact number) at the end of the manuscript.

6. The full name is adjusted to the identity card, and the name used as the author's name does not have to be the same as the name on the identity card.

7. The length of the profile and identity is not more than one page.

8. The length of the manuscript is not less than 40 pages, excluding summary/synopsis and profile and identity.

9. Name the manuscript document with the format: name of the author-title of the manuscript. Example: Dewi Sinta - Building Hope to Achieve Dreams

10. Send the manuscript in docx format to the BLBI email address "Abiyoso" at with the subject "Manuscript Book" for easy finding, or via Whatsapp to the BLBI Whatsapp Center "Abiyoso" at 081224292333 in docx format.

11. If necessary, "Abiyoso" BLBI as the publisher has the right to change the format of the writing without changing its essence.

Come on, friends with disabilities, don't stop working and being creative. Write with the heart, it will surely reach the heart too. Continue to be empowered, work, and succeed! #SalamLiterasi

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