Storytelling Services for SLBA Students in Bekasi District

  • Storytelling Services for SLBA Students in Bekasi District
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Writer :
Humas BLBI "Abiyoso" Cimahi
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

BEKASI (September 12, 2019) - The "Abiyoso" Indonesian Braille Literacy Center in Cimahi as the Technical Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Social Affairs which supports the Management of Braille Literacy for Persons with Visual Sensory Disabilities (PDSN) provides a variety of services. One of them is Story Telling to PDSN.

In 2019, BLBI "Abiyoso" Cimahi participated in the Binar Insa Istiqomah SLBA. Activities were attended by 20 students in Cibarusah.

Story Service Tells to increase interest in and motivation to read and social functioning of PDSN. The activity was packaged in a pleasant, creative and educative atmosphere in listening to the story of "The Greedy Crocodile" which was told by Nur Hidayah.

Based on the results of the evaluation of the activities, the students seemed very happy and joyful during the activity process. The school official said that the activities is very beneficial for the students' intellectual development.
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