Success Story of Elderly Business Entrepreneurs Receiving DK-LU in Southeast Sulawesi

Success Story of Elderly Business Entrepreneurs Receiving DK-LU in Southeast Sulawesi
Writer :
Humas LSLU "Minaula" Kendari
Editor :
Intan Qonita N
Translator :
Intan Qonita N

The Elderly Social Rehabilitation Workshop (LRSLU) "Minaula" Kendari distributed Elderly Family Support (DK-LU) assistance to 115 elderly people who have entrepreneurial activities and are registered in Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) or previously known as BDT.

This activity was carried out in four districts in Southeast Sulawesi in collaboration with the local Social Welfare Institution (LKS-LU). The LKS-LU referred to are PSKS Bombana, HCDI Konawe, Oriz Al Dzikri Sowite Muna, and At Taqwa Konawe Selatan.

The assistance in the form of venture capital of 2.5 million rupiah per elderly is channeled directly through elderly accounts, with assistance from LKS LU as a partner.

Consistently for six times a month, the assistants make visits to the homes of the elderly to provide guidance. It is hoped that the DK-LU activity is not only right on target but also right in its utilization.

This assistance also aims to provide motivation to the elderly, help if there are obstacles, and help the elderly in managing finances.

In accordance with the spirit of the LU Progress (Elderly Social Rehabilitation Program) which is holistic, systematic and standardized, this DK-LU is not only providing business capital, but also education on elderly social care, therapy, and the importance of family support carried out by the assistants. who have received supplies or guidance from LRSLU "Minaula".

The assistance has been distributed and the assistance has been implemented well. As a result, DK-LU has succeeded in improving the functioning and social welfare of the elderly. Some of the elderly who have succeeded in being empowered include Nenek Nombo, a maker of boru hats. Previously, he only made hats to order due to limited capital. However, after receiving DK-LU assistance, he was able to produce every day which the Bokori tourist location marketed as souvenirs. The handicrafts are also planned to be exhibited at the National Social Solidarity Day (HKSN) in Banjarmasin.

Subsequently, Grandma Yondeng from Bombana was successful in making a doormat. After receiving assistance and assistance, his business expanded to making bolsters with the support of his son.

Then there is Grandpa Khaerudin at Konsel, who made a chicken coop. Previously, he often refused orders due to limited capital. But now he is able to serve all orders.

Finally, Grandma Wa Ode Ndoia in Muna, a woven fabric craftsman. After the DK-LU and entrepreneurship training, her weaving has been marketed to Papua.

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