The Way of Papuan Children Define Indonesian Independence

The Way of Papuan Children Define Indonesian Independence
Writer :
Tim Humas Sentra Wirajaya di Makassar
Editor :
David Myoga
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Karlina Irsalyana

MAKASSAR (August 17, 2022) - Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day together with Wirajaya Center Makassar, they carried out various activities with residents to commemorate the 77th Indonesian Independence Day.


As Social Welfare Service Recipients (PPKS) residential services for the ATENSI (Social Rehabilitation Assistance) program at Wirajaya Center in Makassar, Leonardo Ampari Upuya participated with enthusiasm in various competitions prepared by the Indonesian Independence Anniversary committee held by Wirajaya Center. Leo, Leonardo's nickname, won 1st place in a singing competition.


Leo came from Yapen Islands Regency, Papua, the youngest of 8 siblings. Leo said that he was very happy to be able to participate in celebrating the 77th Indonesian Independence Day. "I feel happy being given the space and opportunity to show my talents and creativity, that's roughly the meaning of true independence," said Leo.


The same thing was felt by Edison Elieser Papara, who was familiarly called Edi. He said that the 77th Independence Day celebration of the Republic of Indonesia was a very meaningful moment in his life. On this occasion, Edi was appointed as the bearer and hoist of the red and white flag at the Independence Anniversary ceremony at Wirajaya Center, Wednesday (17/08/2022)


Edi, who is now 25 years old, was proud of the trust placed on him. Since the accident he suffered when he was still in high school that injured his leg, he almost lost hope and even gave up.


When he was trusted to be the bearer and hoist of the flag, he became a motivator in his life, even though he was convinced that one day he would live independently, and was ready to continue the workshop business that his parents started in Yapen Islands Regency, Papua. “Successfully carrying out the mandate to be a flag bearer and raiser, made me confident again. Independence must be filled with sincerity in carrying out activities, because with this, of course, it can be achieved, "said Edi when met at Wirajaya Center Ceremony field.


The residential ATENSI program provided by MoSA for Leo and Edi while at Wirajaya Center is Automotive skills. For additional types of therapy, Leo was very active in art therapy, while Edi preferred entrepreneurial therapy, especially actively managing the hydroponic garden in ATENSI Creation Center (SKA) area in Wirajaya Center Makassar.


Meanwhile, the excitement of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day, which was held at Wirajaya Center Makassar, was not only felt by the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) within Wirajaya Center, because all types of competitions were also participated by all Non-State Government Employees (PPNPN). Even the excitement was felt by students who happened to choose Wirajaya Center as the place for Community Service Program (KKN), and Professional Placement (PKL).

The types of competitions held in order to enliven the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia at Wirajaya Center Makassar, among others, tug of war competitions, sack races, futsal, flour moving competitions, singing competitions, eating crackers, balloon dancing, and seat-finding competitions.

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